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    2Crispy - Rainbow Jones - Strawberry Cough - Purple Trainwreck & 1 Off Freebie Seeds

    Germinated a few seeds to get my summer grow ready. 2 Rainbow Jones, Connoisseur Genetics = GDP X Casey Jones 2 Strawberry Cough, Dutch Passion 2 Purple Trainwreck, Humbolt Seed Org = Mendo Purps X Trainwreck 1 Sag N Sour, TH Seeds (Freebie from Attitude seeds) 1 Royal Kush, G13 Labs...
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    Ordered a bunch of seeds using bitcoin

    Hello! First time poster here - I finally got my grow equipment together and ordered some seeds from Nirvana, Attitude, & Seedsman. Got a bunch of freebies for using bitcoin! Here's what I got: Nirvana - blackjack fem, aurora indica fem Attitude - GrandDaddy Purple Seeds...