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  1. N

    GYO Review

    I ordered Ps Ice Cream and Ds candy auto and received freebies with my order . 10 days to the states from time of shipping , love the breeder packs and the freebies where professionally packed and labeled. excellent experience with them and as of right now I have 100% germination (paper towel...
  2. Jackalope

    Medi Kush

    I will work on my photography. This was is a 5 pac of freebies by Spliff Seeds. Best I can find is that it is a cross of a OG Kush X Hindu Kush. This one started out piney like the rest. When manicuring it smelled like I walked into a tire store. First time I have run across a new tire smell...
  3. Y

    Crop King freebie question

    Not sure if I'm in the right area for this question but, here it goes. First, I ordered 5 Jack Herer autoflower from, Crop King. I got 7 seeds delivered (2 freebies :)) My question is, will these freebies be a total crap shoot, or, can I expect them to be autoflower? I wouldn't normally...
  4. BonzaSeedBank

    20% Off All Sensi Seeds Strains

    ...and also Flying Dutchmen, White Label Seeds and Mosca Seeds strains. For a limited time only.
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