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    Promotion Kannabia at Cannapot Seedshop - cheap cannabisseeds for sale
  2. Seed Order Freebies

    Seed Order Freebies

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  3. Herbies Seeds

    Freebies! Female Seeds & Herbies Promo

    This Tuesday is special - just look what Female Seeds and we have got for you! FREEBIES! A special offer: - Buy 4 White Widow x Big Bud feminized seeds by Female seeds and get 1 for free - Buy 10 White Widow x Big Bud feminized seeds by Female seeds and get 2 for free Ready to start shopping...
  4. get ur mind outta the gutter

    get ur mind outta the gutter

    well, i dunno how much they gave, for that Mickey mouse cow, but this one's obviously ready for the happiest place on earth! could even double, for mickey's nose, at the mid section of ol walt's statue! if u aligned it, "appropriately".
  5. black domina: dutch seed shop: freebie : feminized

    black domina: dutch seed shop: freebie : feminized

    flawless xmas tree did not know- zeroveg, left no chance, with the tiniest secondaries, to take clones had i known, I'd have topped/f.i.m.'d, delaying maturity, long enough to stretch some, for good clones.
  6. No Pain

    GYO Review

    I ordered Ps Ice Cream and Ds candy auto and received freebies with my order . 10 days to the states from time of shipping , love the breeder packs and the freebies where professionally packed and labeled. excellent experience with them and as of right now I have 100% germination (paper towel...
  7. Jackalope

    Medi Kush

    I will work on my photography. This was is a 5 pac of freebies by Spliff Seeds. Best I can find is that it is a cross of a OG Kush X Hindu Kush. This one started out piney like the rest. When manicuring it smelled like I walked into a tire store. First time I have run across a new tire smell...
  8. Y

    Crop King freebie question

    Not sure if I'm in the right area for this question but, here it goes. First, I ordered 5 Jack Herer autoflower from, Crop King. I got 7 seeds delivered (2 freebies :)) My question is, will these freebies be a total crap shoot, or, can I expect them to be autoflower? I wouldn't normally...
  9. BonzaSeedBank

    20% Off All Sensi Seeds Strains

    ...and also Flying Dutchmen, White Label Seeds and Mosca Seeds strains. For a limited time only.
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