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  1. Ron Strider

    RI: Lawmakers Look To Colorado For Lessons On Marijuana

    The state commission set up to study the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana met again Wednesday. The panel heard from representatives from states which have already implemented recreational marijuana. The panel heard from Andrew Freedman, who helped steer Colorado through the...
  2. K

    Andrew Freedman Leaving Post As Colorado's Director Of Marijuana Coordination

    Andrew Freedman is moving on from his position as Colorado's Director of Marijuana Coordination, Governor John Hickenlooper announced on January 5. Freedman will still be involved with the cannabis industry and constructing policy: He's launching a consulting firm, Freedman & Koski LLC, which...
  3. K

    Massachusetts Postpones Recreational Sales, Considers Hiring Andrew Freedman

    In November, Massachusetts voters approved recreational marijuana; that state was supposed to start legal sales in January 2018 – but now that date has been pushed back at least six months. Personal possession, use and cultivation of cannabis became legal in Massachusetts on December 15, but...