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  1. Ron Strider

    Russian Media Slam Morgan Freeman Over Investigation Video, Blame "Marijuana Use"

    The actor, Morgan Freeman was featured in a video accusing the Kremlin of an "attack" on the U.S. Russian state media have lashed back at Morgan Freeman over his appearance in the Committee to Investigate Russia's video, in which the veteran Hollywood actor says that the U.S. "came under...
  2. Ron Strider

    Morgan Freeman Wants Weed Legalized: 'I'll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!'

    Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman credits cannabis with reducing his fibromyalgia pain. As such, he's a proud advocate pushing for the national legalization of marijuana. During a 2015 interview with The Daily Beast to discuss his new film "5 Flights Up," Freeman instead opened up about his...
  3. K

    KY: Mixing Up Success - Locals Create Chocolate Hemp Treats

    People traveling down the Hemp Highway of Kentucky looking for a unique treat to commemorate the adventure have a new option here in Winchester. Laura's Mercantile, owned by Clark County residents Laura Freeman and Ben Pasley, is partnering with Ruth Hunt Candies of Mount Sterling to offer...
  4. K

    Morgan Freeman Has This Epic Response When Asked About His Marijuana Habits

    Morgan Freeman, one of the most beloved actors of our time, is notorious for his soothing, charismatic voice. He's narrated numerous documentary films and appeared in even more feature films. While Freeman is known best for his performances in the film industry, he is less known for his...