1. P

    Spider mites help

    I was in drying phase, when I noticed spider mites! Using my magnifier I am finding just a few spider s on my plants, I think I caught it early. My question is does the kitchen sprayer hurt my weed? In it is curing phase now. I also dropped a few branches in the freezer, ( freeze their butt)🥶🕷️...
  2. Stunned

    Preparing trim

    I plan on using all of the trim to make concentrate down the road. Does this trim have to be thoroughly dried out or can it be bagged wet? I plan on filling up freezer bags and throwing it in the freezer till I am ready for it Any info appreciated, thx guys
  3. M

    My Mars Hydro plus my grow computer has brought me to questions

    I use a grow computer, and have six of them. One for my indoor home, and three at friends house which I "remotely control" their grow operation using the grow computer I installed, and I have two more grow computers feeding five acres of vegitables, and none cannabis related crops. For my...
  4. M

    I'm going to install a grow computer in a deep freezer - Magnetic ballast questions

    Ok, so I purchased a grow computer. I've been growing very nice lush plants with LED's but the grow computer says 8amps max rating Does anyone know by chance if there is any 1000W magnetic ballasts for HPS that's under or exactly at 8amps? Any lights someone could suggest which I could hook to...
  5. L

    Improved yield RSO

    Most people out there do the QWET or Quick Wash Ethanol method which yields about 3-4 grams of oil per ounce or around 13% to 14% extraction yield. The total cannabinoid content of an ounce is about 5-5.5 grams of oil, anything above that is just chlorophyll and plant waxes. The "SCET" method...
  6. L

    Freezer drying

    I'm interested in freeze drying. Do you just put the fresh plant minus the soil straight into the freezer and leave it for a week or two?
  7. raphie6

    DWC with a freezer to cool reservoir

    I'm planning to grow indoors in a DWC setup but my room temps are around 95-105 Farenheit, i've being thinking about ways to cool down my water temps, and being wondering if buying a small freezer that sells for around 90 bucks and drilling two holes, and start circulating water between the...
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