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  1. S

    Smartie's first grow fridge: My Cerebro to connect with smart brains to guide me

    Hello everybody and welcome to my fridge to grow box adventure. :woohoo: I will post some pictures of the blank canvas we have so obviously my first question would be asking you to look at this canvas and consider it to be yours. What would be your idea or ideal setup, the goods, the bads...
  2. R

    Grow fridge problem

    I have a grow fridge temperature controlled with the fridge coming on when temps need lowering and a garden heater coming on when it gets too cold. I recently put a dehumidifier in but since then I have an ice build up on the back wall of the fridge. Has anyone got any idea how to stop this? I'm...
  3. D

    Mini fridge hydro advice and design

    420 Magazine Forums 1 Mini fridge hydro grow advice Mini fridge hydro grow advice Bonza Cannabis Seeds Mini fridge hydro grow advice Thread: Mini fridge hydro grow advice Reply to Thread Unsubscribe from this Thread Tags: advice, fridge, grow, hydro, mini Mini fridge hydro grow...
  4. D

    Mini fridge hydro grow advice

    I'm looking to get one of the bigger of the mini styles and convert to a hydroponic set up for 2 plants. I'll be doing this in an insulated attic in Texas, so I'm looking for advice on keeping a hot humid attic the right temp. I have looked into hooking up an AC thermostat up to the fridge...
  5. G

    Fridge freezer grow set-up

    Hi everyone. My first post here. Looking for some criticism and advice. I'm in the middle of building a fridge/freezer grow cabinet. Cabinet is about 80% completed. need to add a few finishing touches then ready for seedlings. will upload some photos soon. details of grow: growing in...
  6. K

    Fridge-air Stealth Grow

    Ive been reading countless hours of grow rooms and grow boxes. Ive grown before, but its been a very long while. That and before it was outdoors, now I have a small indoor setup for my self. My plans is that Im hoping to provide enough medication for myself cause the prices are way too high...
  7. Hemposaurus42

    1st Grow Stealth Mini Fridge DWC Hydro

    Hey everyone, First time grower here, and I'm jumping in with both feet on a personal stealth setup. The Setup: -Gutted Mini Fridge 3x3 Interior Space, w/ Foil Reflective Surface -PVC Light Rack w/ 4x 42watt CFLS, and 2x 20w Orange CFLs for Bloom -Ventilation Fan w/ DIY Carbon Scrubber -7...
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