1. AuroraIndica

    New at 420 Magazine

    New here i love cannabis and im from south dakota and in need so im here learning just wanted to say hi cause a friend in weed is a friend indeed!
  2. B

    Tips of the leaves are looking down

    Hello everyone, I'm the new member of this community. This is my first grow and I'm little bit over worried about many things but I'm not making any actions without proper search on the forums. I was not able to find an answer about my problem so I decided to create the new thread. (Hope it's...
  3. KingCloudy

    New And Hungry To Learn!

    Hey everyone! KingCloudy here! I'm new to the community, and wouldn't mind meeting a few people who would be interested in maybe giving me some tips. Hope everyone has a great day, and keeping green!
  4. Ron Strider

    IN: CBD Oil Law Clarification Needed After Product Seizure At Grocery Store

    When state lawmakers passed HEA 1148 in this year's General Assembly session, the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, in Indiana didn't exactly become legal – but its possession was no longer a crime for certain individuals. "The bill doesn't address the legalization of any substance," says Rep...
  5. B

    Friend needs help

    Friend needs help. All I know is it's in a five gallon pot. Probably over watered. Any thoughts?
  6. TheFertilizer

    Constant problems with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

    I just can't seem to keep my Platinum Girl Scout Cookies nice and green. I can't seem to get a feel for what the problem is... Too little nutrients, too many, pH, environment, in fact whenever I grow Blackberry Kush in the exact same conditions, nutrient amounts, etc. they always do terrific...
  7. A

    What to do with cannabutter

    Hello there my friend left some 5-10g of cannabutter what would be the best way to consume it i was think to eat it plain but my friend told me it wold not be as pontent as it wold i have cooked so i am intrested in your opinion thnx alot and soory for my bad English
  8. Kriaze

    Males in veg?

    Hello, I recently managed to get hold of 16 clones from a friend of a friend but after a month or so of veg it looks like some of them are turning male, they're still in veg and although needing to be transplanted into larger pots which I am currently unable to do due to lack of room (waiting...
  9. dirtybud

    What did I do wrong? IPA cannabis oil

    So I made some dabbing concentrate. Somehow it didn't go so well according to a seasoned dabber friend. The review I got was that it wasn't cooked right or rushed. But I think I did everything right. I started with the QUiSO method, but I didn't see the need to decarboxilate and freeze my...
  10. P

    Berry Ryder

    Hey all here i am with u and with my new best friend she's only 15cm so we need ur suport friends , what u can sugest 4 as how to get more yield amm how to double up this all think
  11. N

    Completed Watching Grass Grow

    I found an odd seed, as you do, in the bottom of yet another bag, and once again decided to try to make something happen in a horticultural type of way. I wanted to grow it! First, I put said seed between 2 moist tissues, covered it and then left it. Sure enough, a day or so later the little...
  12. OEF Vet 11B

    Outdoor grow but possible game cams

    I'm thinking about doing my first outdoor grow in a long time. With a few(5-7 I think) good plants I could have a year's supply for myself and a friend. We have about 100 acres available to us however we have a family friend watching over our land as its quite a ways a way from home. Weekly...
  13. B

    I came home to a late Christmas present from a friend in California

    :thumb::thumb: My friend got me this shirt
  14. turtletoe

    New to Orlando - need friends!

    Moved to Orlando with my bf and don't know anyone in town. Seems like the older you get, the harder it is to make friends. I watched "I love you, man" the other day and I could definitely relate. Look forward to hearing from people!
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