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frisain dew

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    Auto Frisain Dew

    Hello Guys, I am a new member with this being my first ever post.. Thought it would be nice to post a few pictures of my little Diana.. She has been grown without nutes, a small pot, and with compact woodland soil... so I can keep her small and compact due to privacy issues.. This is the...
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    How I Got Over 1 Pound (16oz) Using 600 Watts

    EQUIPMENT: ok guys here is what i have at my disposal 1x homebox xl grow tent 1x 600w hps bulb, ballast hood etc 1x 600w mh bulb, ballast hood etc 1x bag canna pro plus soil 50L 1x bag canna pro plus coco 50L 6x 15L pots 1x tray 1.2mx1.2mx10cm 6x cheesydew seeds...
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