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frisian dew

  1. JayCseed

    Jays 3rd Grow - Indoor - LED - Soil - Multi-Strain Journal

    Welcome back for round 3 of journals with Jay! This time around I will be stuffing my tent with 5 strains, keeping them supper short for a quick turnaround. Here is the setup: 4'x2'x60" Apollo grow tent 260 CFM exhaust fan 2 x King Super 1000w LED 3 gal square pots FoxFarm Ocean...
  2. H

    Zamaldelica & Frisian Dew Under 580 Watts Of LEDs

    holleee cow what a matchup, two completely different plants in the hands of someone w literal brain damage, memory loss, physical disabilities and advancing cataracts. I'd film it but I have a voice for newspapers. ok heres the set up: Soil: jungle mix amended with various minerals bat...