1. Flagirl

    Purple Haze auto frosting up

    This girl literally snapped in half at six weeks.Rootone and hope and here we are with just over two weeks to go!
  2. 20180316_080241.jpg


    Day 39 Bloom
  3. 20180222_152359.jpg


    Lowryder #2 Auto flower day 53
  4. O

    Blueberry Week 7 Flower

    It must be cold because it's frosty.
  5. Jackalope

    Jack the Ripper

    I get a " Ada Boy " for not killing this plant. The praise must to go to TGA. This strain is amazing. I have not even smoked any and I'm already making plans to keep growing this strain. While all the plants are doing great. Filling in nice and covered frost. 1 though is the clear winner. She...
  6. T

    Extraction Artists

    made oil from nugs in october and it looked like this!