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  1. LH Auto: Getting frosty

    LH Auto: Getting frosty

    First frosty bud I've ever grown!
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    420mag represent
  3. Flagirl

    Purple Haze auto frosting up

    This girl literally snapped in half at six weeks.Rootone and hope and here we are with just over two weeks to go!
  4. 20180316_080241.jpg


    Day 39 Bloom
  5. 20180222_152359.jpg


    Lowryder #2 Auto flower day 53
  6. O

    Blueberry Week 7 Flower

    It must be cold because it's frosty.
  7. Jackalope

    Jack the Ripper

    I get a " Ada Boy " for not killing this plant. The praise must to go to TGA. This strain is amazing. I have not even smoked any and I'm already making plans to keep growing this strain. While all the plants are doing great. Filling in nice and covered frost. 1 though is the clear winner. She...
  8. T

    Extraction Artists

    made oil from nugs in october and it looked like this!
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