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  1. P

    Frosting up nicely

  2. Bubbaman

    Ak47 beginning of week 7 flower

    These are my girls ak47 is the strain. Just starting week 7 of flower. Growing 4 ak47 plants just wanted to post some pics. Buds are nice and fat smells amazing. What do you guys think!? I’m still new to growing. This is about my 6th grow ever still lots to learn. Feed back would be great. Thanks !
  3. Sex Wax

    Sex Wax

    Day 31 flower
  4. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  5. Kalashnikov


  6. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

  7. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Almost finished!
  8. Shiva skunk

    Shiva skunk

    Short & stocky Frosty tight Aroma is very strong
  9. Yellowing lower shiva skunk

    Yellowing lower shiva skunk

    Frosty shiva skunk
  10. Afghani


    Close up of my frosty nug
  11. Blueberry


    Here's a little nug of my blueberry autoflower. Knocks my socks off everytime.
  12. Blueberry Autoflower

    Blueberry Autoflower

    This was my first ever grow. Done in a small DIY stealth cabinet. She yielded just under 2oz and was no more than 25cm tall. Lovely little plant and still enjoying the fruits now.
  13. DET—PDX

    Critical+ 2.0: Organic, Co2, Timber COBs

    Back again, transferred schools and moved out of Oregon, hence the hiatus. Anyway this is Dinafem’s critical + 2.0. Some brief tid bits about the set up: 5x5 Tent, 600w Timber RedWood COB LED 3000k for veg, adding 2 150w 1700k COB’s from Timber Grow lights in late veg thru flower. Evaporative...
  14. Bud level: Gorilla Glue Auto

    Bud level: Gorilla Glue Auto

    Bud level view
  15. LH Auto: Getting frosty

    LH Auto: Getting frosty

    First frosty bud I've ever grown!
  16. IMG_5486.JPG


    420mag represent
  17. Flagirl

    Purple Haze auto frosting up

    This girl literally snapped in half at six weeks.Rootone and hope and here we are with just over two weeks to go!
  18. 20180316_080241.jpg


    Day 39 Bloom
  19. 20180222_152359.jpg


    Lowryder #2 Auto flower day 53
  20. O

    Blueberry Week 7 Flower

    It must be cold because it's frosty.
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