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    Loving the colours I am truly in love with this plant zkittles auto
  2. Ron Strider

    Just In Time For 7/10, EvoLab Releases Fruit-Flavored CO2 Cannabis Oil

    Strains like Blueberry and Strawberry Cough have long been popular, thanks to their distinct flavors, so EvoLab has unveiled a new line of hash oil geared to fruit fans — except these flavors are more strawberry and less cough. Just in time for the 7/10 holiday, the concentrate company has...
  3. C

    Pretty Definitive Answer To The Defoliate Or Not Question

    Seems the answer to the defoliation question is YES...BUT These results were gained from various plant studies including tomato, which is similar in many ways to the cannabis plant. I read several of the study abstracts and the general agreement is that SOME defoliation results in more...
  4. Chronc

    Chronc Electric Fruit Auto Journal

    This is my fist ever grow. 300W MarsHyrdo LED light 24"x24"x48" grow tent Growing 2 at once. 1 Electric Fruit Auto, 1 "2 pounder".
  5. P

    HeavyWeight seeds Fruit Punch

    I purchased 10 feminized Fruit punch seeds from heavyweight seeds the other day and i was just curious about other growers who might have had experience with this strain from this breeder. Thoughts, opinions? :thanks:
  6. J

    Juicing male plants for fertilizer

    I've googled and googled, trying to find someone who has tried this to no avail. Apparently, cannabis juice gets a lot of attention as a health tonic for humans, but what about for other plants? I am wondering what would be the outcome if I were to juice the leaves and stems of my fairly...
  7. KbCobra

    8 Juicy Fruit Indoor Soil Grow

    Bucket Size - solo cups then 5 gallon Medium - Roots organic and perlite 50/50 Lights - T5 (2700k) then 600HPS for flower Nutrients- Earth Juice Strain(s) - Juicey Fruit (Pure Afghani indica X Pure Thai sativa) These seeds are regular seeds, not feminized. # of Plants: 8 Juicey Fruit strain...
  8. C

    New boy on gyo

    hi everyone, just into my 1st grow and would like comments etc to help my babies do the best they can.:thumb: i have photos on my page so please take alook. im growing fruit autoflowing and cheese automatic. i have also been given 2 plants from a friend who does not have green fingers...
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