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  1. G

    What Is The Best Strawberry Auto?

    Am picking out a couple of fruity autos and wondered which are the best strawberry strains?
  2. Croatsan

    T-Shirt design

    A design I did for my local growshop/smartshop. This is the first in a collection. I'm planning to do a series of strains, each one personified by a female face. It's fruity and flowery :)
  3. W

    Amnesia Haze EU

  4. TheFertilizer

    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Heavy Duty Fruity, Blackberry Kush & Frankenberry

    So I have got some seeds from local sources... 10 Blackberry Kush 3 Frankenberry 20 Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (feminized) And I can get Heavy Duty Fruity for 2 bucks a seed. I paid 3 a piece for the PGSC and the Blackberry Kush and Frankenberry were free. So I am excited and not...
  5. CaptnPlantit

    Shopping at Herbies

    Guys I have always used local sources of the highest caliber. I want to order from Herbies. I was hoping you all could help me. I am looking for 2 strains in feminized form. I am looking for the loudest, stankiest, pungent Kush bred by reserva privada. And the loudest, pungent, stankiest, fruity...
  6. T

    CFL - Soil Grow - Fruity Diesel

    Strain; fruity diesel Media; soil Light schd;12/12 Lights; 2 23 watt cfl 6500k with custom reflector and 1 18' florescent 4100k Feed schedule: 3 to 4 days. Age 1 1/2 or 2 w eek