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    Outdoor used my neighbours fence to train some huge colas through it. Been a fun year growing lol
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    Went to neighbor had to train branches through his fence to open her up more . Cleaned up too oh my
  3. N

    First time grower

    I seem to find myself reading alot on this site so I decided to sign up.. Just started my first grow a couple weeks ago.. I think I'm at day 12 from the time they sprouted until now.. I started with 4 seeds..(bag seeds from something that was called Santa's little helper).. I am now down to 2...
  4. George from The Vault

    Win Seeds In This Music Themed Vault Promo!

    I'm hoping we have some music lovers amongst us! A new promo this time from The Vault, but this time it has a music twist! Instead of saying hello to enter, we're looking for you to suggest a track for the Vault's Spotify playlist. You can enter below by dropping the name of the track or a...
  5. Jackalope

    Headband effect

    What makes a strain famous? The High! No matter how strong a strain tests its the high that people will notice. The strain Headband says it all. That headband high is so easy to notice. This hybrid carries it well to the majority of its plants....... This headband effect is noticeable in a few...
  6. R

    Crop King White Widow Autoflower Grow Journal - First Grow - 2017/18

    :welcome: Stick with me on this fun adventure as I attempt my very first Cannabis grow. I have done so much research over the last 5 years that between my excitement and the enormous amount of information out there, I hope to get some decent results like I have seen from other growers...
  7. 2

    1st Time Grow, CFLs, Bag Seeds & A Whole Bunch Of Fun

    Using CFLs and a closet...upgrading to a tent soon. 6 plants started
  8. Ron Strider

    The Scratch-And-Sniff Book Of Weed Takes You Through The World Of Cannabis

    No matter how old you are, scratch-and-sniff stickers are always a super fun way to experience things around us, be it new perfume samples, pizza menus, or whiskey flavor guides. Now, the multisensory approach is making a comeback in a rather unlikely form — a scratch n' sniff book about weed...
  9. LiveAndLetGro

    5 Days Into Flower - 2 Females - Unknown Strains - Yield Guesstimates?

    2x600 Watt Viparspectra LED'S DWC Above ground since about 3/7/17 Switched to flower 4/16/17 GH Nutes - usually only 3/4 strength 20 gallon totes LST- no topping or fimming I know this is a ridiculously hard question to answer accurately because of how many variables there are. The...
  10. G

    DWC Grow

    Hello everyone, my friend keeps buggin me to post one of my grows on here so hopefully I cam make some friends and learn something from it ! So here goes, What strain is it? Super critical, safire og, chemdog, green crack, tangerine dream, fruity cronic juice and god bud (alot i know, i...
  11. L

    Hi Peoples!

    Hello, I am new here, obviously :) and thought i should stop in the introductions area. I'm Leslie, I live in Ontario and i have a prescription for my chronic migraines. I've been very pleased with the results so far, though i'm still looking for 'the one' if thats even possible, but i will...
  12. Jackofall420

    Dinafem Blue Widow

    Should be fun Mars II 1200 Flora series nutes Today starts week 3 Blue widow by Dinafem Big bud xxl by ministry of cannabis And there's a clone of heavy weight strawberry cake I've also started a few auto flowers of blue kush and white widow both by Dinafem.
  13. A

    Starting In The Middle

    It's not my first grow, and we're trying new strains (doesn't everyone though) The unfortunate part is the documenting. :eyeroll: so I'll give it my best go! I start from seeds because I haven't successfully cloned (advance seed making) I take artful pictures, so have fun 420mag...

    Latest FNG on the block - Saying hey all - Glad to be here!

    Top fed dwc and having fun learning and making lots of mistakes lol.
  15. Scorpius

    Greetings from Sunny South Africa!

    What's up folks I've been absorbing info from here for the past 3 months or so, and still I'm learning something new each and every day. I'm a cancer survivor, and still believe it was the ganja oil that saved me. Anyways, I decided to plant a few baggy seeds just for fun / to pass...
  16. M

    I played a cool board game last night - 80 tokes!

    I joined the forum today because I played a very cool board game last night with 6 fellow smokers. It's called 'Around the World in 80 Tokes' and it just blew us away. Before we knew where we were we'd been playing for over 5 hours, had laughed until our sides hurt and we're happily, and hazily...
  17. sst4life

    Sst's Fantastic Smorgasbord With LED Loveliness!

    I want to start of by saying that this forum has a lot of knowledge and have been reading and reading and soaking things up. So I decided that I am going to do my first indoor. have grown outdoors successfully but now that I have my prescription I am eligible to legally grow plants so that is...
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