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fungas gnats

  1. Cheese


    Waited till soil was really dry, then fed. Trying to stop divas gnats
  2. Scubasteveli

    Having issues with veins of the leaves disappearing and leaving holes

    Help! Veins on my plants leaves are disappearing and yellow spots on one plant ... Had fungus gnats sprayed with neem oil and used DE food grade on top of soil but problems started before and continues after knats Strain white widow Fox farm soil Fox farm nutrient tri 6x4 tent 8" duct fans 2...
  3. whole sick plant.JPG

    whole sick plant.JPG

    whole plant pic. sick and deficient. root rot, root bound, post mites, and gnats
  4. L

    Is this bud I bought moldy? - Picture

    hello so i purchased Purple Dream from this new dispensary in town, having looked at it closer at home, im thinking it is moldy...any experts can verify this, here is a picture, please let me know, and thanks
  5. Optimus PrimeBud

    First 400w HPS grow, can't pin down issues need help

    Hello everyone :slide:, it has been a while since I have last been on here. I have completed many successful grows in the past few years using only a CFL set up. I have finally stepped it up and got a large hood and digital 400w ballest which is dimable down to 250w. and I am using a standard...
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