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    Sierra Natural Science Disease Control ingredients and application information.
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    @Sierra Natural Science Disease Control. I was able to order it online and curbside pick up at their facility! Thanks again SNS for making some amazing products. Looking forward to having this help me with late flower mold issues.
  3. o2much4me

    Do You have a Potassium Bicarbonate Recipe

    List your Potassium Bicarbonate Mold spray prevenative Recipes Anyone using Potassium Bicarbonate [ KHCO3 ] Spray Recipe to prevent or treat Mold? What are you mixing with the Potassium Bicarbonate? Mild Dish Soap? Neet Oil? olive oil? Commercial Potassium Bicarbonate premix...
  4. C

    Fungicide? Any1 know of a good prevenitive spray?

    I need to prevent my plants from molding due to catapiller damage and shit! Any1 know of a good spray that prevents different kinds of mold?
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