g 13 haze

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    Abandoned Candy Store For Stoners

    :welcome: Id like to start off by saying :thank you: for checking out my journal! I didn't put the strains in the title because there are too many lol but here we go;AK-48, Purple Kush, OG Kush, White Widow, G-13, Tooty Fruity, 2 different unknown strains, and 2 strains that iv never heard of...
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    Completed G 13 Haze

    G 13 Haze Hey guys, I've just ordered 20 G 13 Haze seeds. The seeds come from barneys coffee shop. Me and a couple of my friends visited amsterdam last summer, I had to look for barneys coffee shop. History and facts I was looking for the famous G13 Haze. many people has heard about...
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