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    400w 2x Blue Widow & 2x G-Force

    Well after a failed attempt at growing in this space, I have re-tought the set up and invested in a Inline Fan to cool the HID (seems to keep room mild). In order to combat the limit in space this grow will be a SCRoG style grow. The operation is a few weeks in and getting ready to hit bloom...
  2. pan4gold49

    1 pound from 1 plant

    Hi Yall! Were going to give this a try and go for a one pound yield. The plant Flying Dutchman G-Force (G-13Xskunk/nl) She has been in veg for over 4 months and was a clone mother but is way to big for the mothership. 3ft tall and very branchy. I will be doing this in a DWC bucket using...
  3. pan4gold49

    Pan's Experimental Garden

    Hi Yall! The Experimental garden. The idea for this is to design and perfect Led lighting. The garden is located at a friends house I would be stupid to be trying to sell led panels from the same location I grow in. So with that said (the wife will be pleased) lets go.:smoke2: I have not...
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