g13 labs diesel

  1. N

    Abandoned G13 Labs Diesel Grow Indoors by the Sun (Flowering)

    She is about 35 days old and looking beautiful. I got this seed from a buddy of mine up at school and now I'm growing her in my dorm room by my windowsill. I plan on getting her back home in a couple weeks (she'll start to reek). This grow is 100% organic and grown by passive lighting from...
  2. NormanTBates

    Anyone Grown These Starins?

    High everyone and thank you in advance for your input. :smokin2: So I ordered a few feminised seeds of different strains and was wondering if anyone had tried the same strains. It would be nice to talk with someone who had a few tips particular to each strain. Anyways, heres a list; Barney's...
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