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  1. B

    G8led 240

    Hello everyone, I just want to know what do you think about 2x G8LED 240W (180 actual power consumption) on shall we say 100x100x200cm and autoflowers? Any replies will be most appreciated.
  2. AllSmiles

    AllSmiles - 2016 - Indoor - LED - Grow V

    Hello friends and welcome to my 2016 grow journal. Though it has been a very nice break from growing I've missed it so much. Good thing there is this great community of people here at 420 Mag sharing their grows that helped fill the void. So what strains do I have lined up. Over the last 2...
  3. C

    1st Grow - Auto Blue Mystic & More Under G8LED - Closet Grow

    I have been lurking on and off sites like this for years with the intention of setting up a grow. As an adult making a choice that I want to indulge in cannabis; the only bad side I see to this (other than the danger of arrest) is where my money may end up further up the chain. This combined...
  4. AllSmiles

    AllSmiles Gone Organic with Holy Grail Kush - Motavation - Dark Star - CBD Kush - LBH

    Hello everyone and welcome to my journal. I am now on my 4th grow and have decided to go Organic. Well, as organic as it gets for me anyways. I'll be using General Organics line up of nutrients. I used these products on a couple of my plants in my last grow and the end product blew me away...
  5. AllSmiles

    Tale Of 6 Seeds - G8LED Grow By First Timer

    I first want to thank all the forums and posters for all the great knowledge available online contributed and mainly here on 420. I'm a complete newbie to growing and have invested some money on indoor grow based on everything i have read. I tried to do this grow on my own but am at a critical...
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