1. H

    Purple Kush LED Soil Second Grow

    Hello My girl is in a 7’s week flowering .. and I don’t have any kind of camera to catch tricome’s color.. so When can I harvest it? Do you think is it the time? Cheers!
  2. M

    Any experienced coco GH Flora Nova growers out there - I need help!

    Hi, I am new here and fairly new to giy. I am growing in canna coco pro and adding 3ml of calmag plus per gallon(180-190ppm) but I think I am causing potassium lockout from adding too much calcium. How much cal mag do you use in coco with gh flora nova?? I am growing RQS Northern Lights autos...
  3. K.puff&stuff

    The size of the pots

    Hi guys I wanted to ask. I my clones are in a 1 gallon pot there nice and tall strong clones I decided to add them in a 5 gallon pot. Will they be ok and grow nice big or will I have to change them into a 10 gallon pot in the future and so on. I thought if I add them in a 5 gallon pot they will...
  4. K

    Mixing Unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses To Emerald Harvest Nutrients Question

    This is my third grow. I am using 75% of the recommended nutrients recommended by Emerald Harvest, RO water, MHand HPS lights in 1/3 perlite, 1/3 fox farms and 1/3 coco with gnat nix on top. My1000W HPS light is now 22" from the top of the bud canopy, have good air circulation, ventilation, and...
  5. N

    Questions on transplanting

    Hello all new to the site and all I can say is wow this place is awesome! My question is I'm going to run my grow in 5 gallon smart pots I was wondering if I can do the whole grow through these or do I absolutely have to put them in a smaller pot to begin with and then transfer to the larger 5...
  6. Buds420

    Hello everybody

    Hi, Im excited to be a member of this community this is my first time joining a site like this I'm a new grower and I'm curntly on the 8th week of flower with my first ever grow. I'm growing white widdow from seed and genetics are from canuk seeds. I joined this site since I woke up this morning...
  7. T

    3x3 tent - What final pot size?

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker. Now Ive finally got my first indoor grow going (about 3rd altogether) and looking forward to sharing info with eachother. So I have a 3X3 (to be exact 3'3"x3'3") grow tent with 400W (wall watts) of Vero 29 led's and ill supplement lighting at the bottoms of...
  8. saynotomid

    Abandoned First Grow With LED & HPS: Bag Seeds

    What's green with everybody. I've being waiting to start this didn't want to jinks anything but hey better late then never. Well let's start with Stats Viparspectra 300w 135 actual draw 150w HPS Sun System grow light 3 CFL bulbs 100w 24 actual draw Apollo 2 x 4 x 5 tent Fox Farm Ocean Forest...
  9. H


    The last 2 years I have been growing dwc in 5 gallon buckets. This required the use of distilled water. I now have the Titan Control Flo N Gro 8 bucket system w/ 55gal reservoir, what type of water do I use???? If distilled where do I get that much water besides buying 55 one gallon bottles???
  10. 28 Grams

    Would it be bad to put a new type of soil directly under Ocean Forest?

    My 2 plants are currently in 5 gallon pots, but they only have 3 gallons of soil (FF Ocean Forest) in them because I ran out. I'm a little concerned about getting root bound and figured an extra gallon of soil underneath would be helpful. Would it be okay to purchase this "Black Gold...
  11. J

    Quiet air pump

    Hey guys im wondering what air pumps are quiet yet put out a decent amount of air for a 2 - 5 gallon setup with a 15 gallon resevior? Right now im running a commercial air pump rated at 950GPH air pump. I have a 5"round stone in each 5 gallon bucket and three 4 inch regular aquarium stones...
  12. 28 Grams

    My FFOF soil straight out of the bag is giving my plants nitrogen toxicity

    They have the classic sign of nitrogen excess: claw like leaves. I just put my clones in FoxFarm Ocean Forest one week ago and have only given them plain water, except one time I gave them a very small amount of ProTekt (silicone supplement). What can I do at this point? They are currently in...
  13. 28 Grams

    Strict time schedule -11 weeks - 1 for veg - 10 for flower - Can I squeeze in a FIM?

    I'll be getting some Girl Scout Cookie clones tomorrow and I have only 11 weeks from getting them to complete my grow. I know you shouldn't FIM during flower, and you also shouldn't FIM before the roots take hold. I figure it takes one week for clones to get a decent root system going, and...
  14. L

    Abandoned First Grow - 4x2x6 400W

    Just started my first grow ever yesterday! I'm super excited to document the process! Here are some details: Strains: 2 Girl Scout Cookies and 2 Blue Dream Growing State: Clone/Veg Pot Size: 1 gallon fabric pot -> 7 gallon is the plan Light size and details: 400w MH/HPS non-air cooled. I got...
  15. 28 Grams

    How much soil does a plant need?

    My last grow was very short: 10 weeks, 6 plants, each in 1 gallon fabric pots. My next grow will also be short (11 or 12 weeks), and I'm deciding whether or not I should re-use the 1 gallon ones. Is it possible that my yield was reduced because I had such a small pot, or because the grows...
  16. Agemon

    Stress Free Transplant - Up Potting

    I remember doing transplants and being worried about when, how, where, etc. I didn't want to damage the plant or even stress it out. I've grown on and off through out my life. Years later I've kinda just started doing it this way and I don't remember every being taught or told to do it this...
  17. B

    36 gallon tote grow

    Forced from the closet to a set of totes.... Trying to add pics... Not sure how.
  18. O

    10,000 Watt 10 Plant 13 Gallon RDWC - 3rd Model Included Inside Thread

    13 gallon buckets. 50 gallon reservoir. 2" water pump pvc connections. 1/2" air pump tube connections. Basing the design off this: 12 x 1000 watt XXL 8'x24' SCROG | THCFarmer Community Preview of Model I've grown a couple of times but never like this. I'm not going to pull the trigger...
  19. G

    How much water do you reckon my plant ought to get? With pic

    Hi all, so here it is(don't know the sex, yet), it's 11 weeks into veg. It's been in this soil since day one. I've been feeding it a gallon of water every 6 days after the top soil dries out, and I don't think it comes close to giving me any runoff. Thanks for reading.
  20. G

    No sign of sex after 11 weeks of veg growth

    The only thing at the nodes are the stipules. Also, any idea on the amount of water this plant should receive at feeding/watering? I just give it a gallon, and no runoff occurs. The media is just some basic potting soil from Walmart.
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