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    Still more to come hopefully
  2. M

    Hello 420 nation!

    We are dedicated 420 proponents, and are especially concerned about the treatment of our veterans. Being a Vietnam veteran who has gone through PTSD myself, I sympathize with the thousands of vets who are being hooked on opioids, or committing suicide (22 per day). Party on Garth!
  3. Ron Strider

    Reporter Claims Cleveland Cavs Locker Room Smelled Like Weed After Game 2

    According to Undefeated's senior writer Mike Wise, the Cleveland Cavs locker room reeked of weed shortly after the team suffered a 132-113 loss in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Wise commented on the "strong reefer aroma" in a handful of tweets, saying that he didn't know if it was a member of the...
  4. N

    Ready for harvest? First time grower .

    Don't want to screw anything up this late in the game. :thanks:
  5. 4

    Hello from Michigan

    New to the group 420pfunk is my name growing is my game. Lol thanks in advance
  6. L

    New to the game

    Hi my name is Lala. I am new to the growing game and have been educating myself via the Internet so far. I thought this site would include a wealth of info and glad to be here :cheer2:
  7. T

    Old dude: A little lost

    Hello, all... 53 year old musician with two gimpy knees trying to get back in the game... This used to be easy B~
  8. SmokeCity

    Smoke City Board Game Official Discussion

    Hello Smoke Citizens! This is the Smoke City Board Game's official discussion thread. We'll keep you up to date on the game's progress here, and there are lots of things for the community to influence. Smoke City is an action-packed competitive board game for 2-4 players. Our Indiegogo...
  9. SmokeCity

    Smoke City Board Game Is Finally A 420 Magazine Sponsor! Hi Everyone!

    :Namaste: Hi everyone! My name's Heikki, the lead designer of Smoke City Board Game. I've never been much of a poster, even though I've lurked a ton on this forum. For the past 3 years, I've been developing a board game about stoners, and now after a huge amount of effort, designing and...
  10. H

    New to the game!

    Hey from Canada, so I'm some what new to all this. I'm in the process of buying equipment and doing research & it's slow going. I'm aiming for a DWC setup & THINK I'm on the right track with the equipment I've got. Here's a list of what i already have.. 4x4x7 Gorilla tent 72 Cell...
  11. H

    How High Am I?

    I'm reading this book called "How High Am I?" and thinking what a cool thread that could make. So, it starts with assessing how high you are and ranges from 1.) Not high at all to a middle 5.) Life is beautiful to a high - no pun intended - of 10.) Have you ever really looked at your hand...
  12. Stonas


    High y'all, So my smoke and chess-buddy and I have had this idea for a long time to play a game what we like to call "bong-chess", where you hit the bong everytime you strike a piece of the opponent. About a week ago we got to the brilliant idea to make a chessboard, based on mary-jane. We...
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