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  1. C

    Was newbie

    Hi my name is John. I'm a Scorpio. I like Italian restaurants, long walks on the Beach, hot air balloon rides and football games. Currently looking for cute girl about 5'3", a hundred and 15 pounds, blond hair brown eyes. Maybe has a history of being in gymnastics. To go to football...
  2. Ron Strider

    NY: Marijuana Charge Against Miles Plumlee Dismissed

    A marijuana-possession charge against Miles Plumlee was dismissed recently, and the Hawks center faces no discipline by the NBA or the team. Plumlee was arrested Aug. 20 in Shelter Island on New York's Long Island. He was issued a field-appearance ticket for misdemeanor marijuana possession...
  3. Ron Strider

    Marijuana And Crime In The NFL: Time For A Reformation Of Policies

    The NFL’s imbalance of punishment for positive marijuana tests versus other more serious crimes is starting to smell a little funny. Following the denial for reinstatement in the Josh Gordon case, I took it upon myself to look deeper into the well-known troubles within the NFL policies. The...
  4. K

    CO: 420 Games In Boulder Emphasize Pot Use In Athletic Training

    When Avery Collins gets high, he doesn't sit on the couch with the munchies. He goes for a 40-mile run in the mountains. The Steamboat Springs resident uses cannabis to help his training for 100-mile races. He's an ultrarunner with a lengthy list of athletic achievements, at the age of 24...
  5. K

    CA: Competition Ran High At This Weekend's 420 Games

    On any given Golden Gate Park Saturday morning, you'll find people already out enjoying some marijuana, as well as people already out for their morning jog. There is never much Venn diagram overlap between these two groups. But there was again this past weekend, as a thousand marijuana...
  6. K

    Meet The First Official Cannabis Inspired Sports Event

    Sure, cannabis has been inspiring people's powder days and mountain bike epics for dozens of years (ever hear of a "safety meeting"?), but in today's era of evolving acceptance of marijuana use, one group is using sports to promote open mindedness toward THC. Thousands are preparing to run...
  7. C

    CA: The 420 Games Is Like the Olympics for Stoners - Take A Look Inside

    This fall, San Franciscans will be able to get high while getting swole. A new gym called Power Plant Fitness will allow members to consume marijuana on-site while working out. It's claiming to be the world's first cannabis-friendly gym. "It won't be a place to get high and just screw around,"...
  8. SmokeCity

    Ok - Let's Kick Off The Smoke City Strain Photo Contest! - Free Board Games & Fame!

    Smoke City Board Game Strain Photo Contest Ok, hi everyone! It’s time to start our Strain Photo Contest! Smoke City is a board game about stoners for 2-4 players. The game has a board and four decks of cards, one of which is the Green Deck. The Green Deck consists of 52 unique strains of...
  9. saturnrocket

    Stoner sports?

    is it just my geographical area (SC) or is there a large majority of stoners that play soccer, disc golf and hackysack? i played all of these games long before i started smoking and it seems like all of my friends that played also ended up smoking once in high school. in fact our varsity soccer...
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