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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Country - Insurance Agent For The Marijuana Industry

    It’s good to see former students doing well, especially when they do well in innovative ways. That’s true for Daniel Garcia, who took my classes at Sonoma State University (SSU). Now, he’s an insurance agent for the cannabis industry. That wasn’t a career option that guidance counselors offered...
  2. K

    CA: Lompoc 'Cannabis Coalition' Looking To Influence City's Marijuana Policy

    Like many others around the city and the state, Lompoc resident Joe Garcia said he was ecstatic when Proposition 64 passed by a wide margin in the 2016 election. The ballot measure, which essentially legalized recreational marijuana cultivation and use within the state, was seen by Garcia and...
  3. T

    Governor call for legalization in PR

    Check out the latest news release from the AP! :thumb: SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – Puerto Rico's governor has called for the legalization of marijuana during his last public address as leader of the U.S. territory. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said Monday that taking such action would...