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  1. Maui Waui leaf 4 weeks in

    Maui Waui leaf 4 weeks in

    In 2-gal; going to 5-gal
  2. G

    Has anyone used Searles 5 in 1 fertilizer?

    i have recently bought some searles 5 in 1 fertilizer as it is the only organic things at my local gardening shop and i was just wondering if it adds the right nutrients for growing weed
  3. K

    St. Louis Startup Targets Growing Market - Including Legal Marijuana

    For more than a year, the three entrepreneurs behind Hummingbird Technologies have been working to perfect a device to take the guesswork out of growing plants. The result of that effort is Nectar, a system that its creators say provides the ideal environment for gardening, albeit on a small...
  4. Farmer Grizz

    New York Organic Gardener

    I'm new here. Experienced indoor grower. I only use all organic methods in my gardens. Had most of my lamps and equipment stolen from a storage unit not too long ago :( I will hopefully be getting new equipment soon so I can get back to what I love to do. Until then I'll be checking out what...
  5. T

    Franklinia tree

    I have a limb almost broke off of my Franklinia tree. I would love to start some cuttings from it. Hubby suggested we dump dirt on it and leave it. That would work, but I see us falling over the limb when we get snow this winter. I was thinking my cloner might work, anyone know about doing this...