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    IL: Gary Man Plans To Walk To Indianapolis In Support Of Medical Marijuana

    Government officials in and around Gary know of Jim Nowacki, a one-time Chicago resident who now lives in Gary and is oftentimes a government critic. But by sometime next week, Nowacki expects to be in Indianapolis, lobbying for medical marijuana in the Statehouse. Nowacki, who does not...
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    Gary Johnson - Marijuana Doesn't Make You Stupid

    Washington - Libertarian presidential hopeful Gary Johnson is sticking up for marijuana after 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney last week said smoking the drug "makes people stupid." "I do not agree with that," Johnson told CNN's Erin Burnett in an interview scheduled to air Sunday on "OutFront."...
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    Nation's Biggest Pro-Marijuana Group Endorses Gary Johnson For President

    The nation's largest organization in favor of marijuana legalization is formally endorsing the Libertarian Party's nominee for president — Gary Johnson. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), whose mission is to reform federal laws to ensure states can determine their own marijuana policies...