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  1. PurpleGunRack

    Sea of Freebies - SoG - LED - Organic - 1mx1m - 9 Plants

    :welcome: Hi 420 and welcome to my little Sea of Green side project! :welcome: Germination started 02NOV2016 I'm doing this SoG grow to clear out some freebies, try some different strains, getting a fast harvest and trying SoG style growing. I intend to veg for 2-3 weeks, right now...
  2. Gorgar

    Blue Dream In Hempy Buckets With Modified Light Schedule

    Strain: Humboldt Blue Dream, Feminized x 2. Type: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant Media: 2 gal Hempy Buckets. Bottom layer with expanded clay pellets and the top will be an approximate 50/50 mix of coco and perlite. Nutes: Canna line of nutes (Start, CoCo A/B, Rhizotonic, Cannazym, PK 13/14 and...