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  1. T

    Burning tips with plain water

    I'm pulling my plant a bit early due to upcoming life circumstances and having some slight issues. A over a week ago I ran a gallon of extra water through my coco. Next day gave molasses water then re-upped on my microherd and gave molasses water two days more. Now I'm just giving it distilled...
  2. Buds420

    Hello everybody

    Hi, Im excited to be a member of this community this is my first time joining a site like this I'm a new grower and I'm curntly on the 8th week of flower with my first ever grow. I'm growing white widdow from seed and genetics are from canuk seeds. I joined this site since I woke up this morning...
  3. 28 Grams

    Plants not getting better - Don't know what to do

    They haven't looked so good for a while now... a week ago I gave them a PK booster which resulted in some more signs of nute burn and I realized I gave them too much. Yesterday I gave them plain PH'd water with a little bit of silicone supplement. No matter what, I can not get humidity to go...
  4. K

    CA: Cannabis Industry Dollars Continue To Flow To Campaigns

    The cannabis industry continues to be the focus of significant campaign funding in Calaveras County in the final weeks before the Nov. 8 election, with the industry continuing to outraise its opponents, according to recent campaign finance reports. Two anti-commercial cannabis organizations...
  5. lazyfish

    How much do I need to fertilize large outdoor plants?

    Hello Everyone, I have a large 6 foot outdoor plant and it has started showing yellowing leaves and burnt tips at the lower mid and close to the top sections of the plant. When I first noticed this two weeks ago I gave it a foliar spray with seaweed extract (micronutrients) and fertilized with...
  6. Preachforcure

    Please help diagnose plant 5 weeks into flower

    Hi Everybody, I have a Blue Blood now 5 weeks into flower and I started to notice a problem a few weeks ago and I'm still seeing this problem develop and haven't been able to fix it. Any help or thoughts would be great Here's what I have done so far. First when I water I make sure that my pH...
  7. P

    I think its too early for my leaves to yellow? Help

    Hello everyone, 1is a nyc diesel and the other is thunderfuck. I flipped the lights back 34 days ago, my leaves starrted yellowing 2 weeks ago and now they are really yellowing. Last week i flushed them with water. Then i gave them slf100 and golden tree and a half strengh of regular feeding...
  8. 4

    Started Late Journal

    Hi guys thanks for looking maybe I have gone in to this a little maybe ignorant to how things are done properly, but I'm looking for input/advice from you knowledgeable people 3 time growing, but this is the first time I have ran into problems ( beginners luck maybe) Growing 8 Strain, blues...
  9. S

    End of week 3 Shark Attack

    Hey everyone. End of week3 flowering of 2 shark attack seeds. Soil grow with handwatering. I gave a large dose of molasses for first time yesterday. (Made a mistake and gave big dose) Had a look today and my pistils are browning. Should I panic yet???
  10. O

    Weekly update

    Sup 420 Flushed my girl yesterday and started her on 12/12. Today when the lights came on, I gave her a few to wake up, then gave her her feeding, which was my flora series, cal-mag, roots organic (bat guano )and super thrive. The next time I top her off, I will be giving her some flora...