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  1. medman47

    600se cmh bulb burn in time

    I just (hopefully) upgraded my room with 6 Gavita Pro 600se cmh fixtures each one has two 315w Philips cmh bulbs the literature that came with the fixtures calls for a 100 hour burn in time. This seems excessive to have to run the lights for 100 hours straight for them to burn in correctly...
  2. T

    Gavita 1650e vs CLW Solarsystem 1100 UVB

    Which LED light would you use in your grow room?
  3. 60's Old Timer

    Scotts Miracle Grow Purchases General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply And Others

    MODERATOR: Please delete if inappropriate Note that I am new to the 420 Forums but not MJ Grows & MMJ. I have heard for years about the Scotts products & especially their Miracle Grow being like "poison" to our grows. There are 20+ links to this topic, so below I just pasted one if you want...
  4. E

    My 1st Grow: London White Widow

    Hello this is my 1st attempt at growing total noob here i am going to do a indoor grow using feminized white widow seeds. i am using 3x3m tent i have 5 gavita lights 600w inside the tent i plan on growing 20 plants using autopots system i am using a tornado box + rhino pro carbon filter...
  5. E

    Which lights should I use

    I've been looking at DIY as well as a few companies for LED and the Gavita. Having a hard time making up my mind as to what to go with. I've got around 3k budget for lights. Trying to keep the grow under 2500W for 2 8X4, or 8X4 and 1 4x4, or 1 8X4. Thoughts on Spectrum King? Thoughts on...
  6. O

    Grow, Squish, Dab!

    Love squishing and dabbing my own freshly pressed Rosen. This year I thought I would add growing to the equation. I'm legally allowed to grow so I figured why not give it a run. Built an insulated room inside my garage. The room is 6wx8lx8h. Have 1 gavita 750 on one side and 2 advanced...
  7. HizzyB

    Sealed Gavita Pro Mitsubishi CO2 Quest 105 RockWool GH Flora

    Hizzy b here We've been away for a while sealing up the 160' room. Bought and hung up EIGHT Gavita Pro 6/750 after using two cases of silicone caulking, 100' roll of 5.5 mil panda film and lots of white duct tape lol. 4 head "multi zone" mini split with heat, mitsubishis mr slim and newer...
  8. G

    1000W Gavita or 2x 600W SunSystems 4x8 tent?

    Hey everyone! I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but basically my question is this... Im setting up a 4x8 grow tent and have the option of using one 1000W Gavita Pro Double Ended or using two 600W SunSystems Single ended. My fear with the Gavita is that I will not be able to keep it...
  9. L

    Looking for other LEP users

    Anyone else have GAVITA LEP lights?
  10. O

    Gavita Grow Lamps - Anyone with Real-World Experience?

    Hello everyone, I'm helping a friend figure out some things regarding a new grow business, and I'm trying to get some real world info, not that of the manufacturer. He just purchased (10) Gavita pro 1000's (not exactly sure of the model but the ballast is attached, not remote) He has 2...
  11. D

    600w Gavita VS 600w Advanced LED Diamond Series

    I'm trying to decide between the diamond series LED 800w and the 600w gavita hps, what would you recommend? I have a high ceiling, so the gavita sounds good, but does it produce a lot of heat? I am using a 10ft x 10ft x 9 ft room, and only 400cfm to exhaust, so I'm worried about heat. Also...
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