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  1. C

    Gel caps melting - Enteric caps

    Can anyone tell me if I can put a 1:1 mix of FECO and Olive oil in an Enteric capsule for store? - I used some normal gel caps the other day for some oil and they all started to melt? Is there a specific type of Enteric / Gel cap that is good with oil - or will I have to fill them with a syringe...
  2. Ron Strider

    Zynerba Shares Plunge As Cannabis-Based Epilepsy Gel Fails Study

    Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc's stock lost more than half its value on Monday after the U.S. drug developer said its synthetic cannabis-based gel for epilepsy failed a mid-stage study. Zynerba's gel contains a synthetically processed formulation of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive...
  3. G

    Clones dying? Need help asap

    Hi guys. I took clones 7 days ago. I used rockwool soaked in deionized water pH 5.5 + RootIt Gel. I mist them twice a day. Temp. 25-29, humidity 75-90%. No nutrients. Any chance for rescue? I have 72 clones, about 10 looks similar to this one, which is the worst. Many of the rest are pretending...
  4. carlos rayess

    Is it too small to clone?

    Hello my friends.. Its been a long time i didn't post a thing.. This is because i had no internet in Aleppo,Syria.. Anyway i'm back.. and i'm planting 10 cannabis plants.. So far so good.. and i decided to make some clones. But i don't know if it's too early, or i have to wait for the branch...
  5. Toxic Fluid

    Do I scrape or do I nick?

    Upon removing the clipping from MOTHER I am presented with a choice. Usually I make the obligatory 45 degree cut and split the stem, all under the Clone-X gel. Additionally, while under the gel I scrape the sides of the stem around the circumference to remove the cuticle and expose the active...
  6. J

    3rd Attempt At Cloning - No Gel

    Just winging it no gel or anything, cutting with 3 nodes, snipped edges off of big fan leaves. Got a tea cup filled with water almost to the top, moderate temperate Luke warm or so, plastic wrap over the top and a hole poked in the middle, clone resting on the plastic wrap with the stem...