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general hyrdroponics

  1. Tommboy1973

    Tommboy1973’s Outdoor Desert Autoflower 2021

    Welcome to my first grow!! I live in the Sonoran desert in AZ, where it just became legal to grow 6 plants. My hubby doesn’t want me growing indoors cause of the kids, so I decided to try an autoflower outdoors even tho winter is not the right season. We only get a few freezes here so I figured...
  2. Super lemon haze/Jabba stash

    Super lemon haze/Jabba stash

    Week 3 flower under a mars hydro eco
  3. B

    First HID Grow Purple Kush clone Diamond Og Clone

    in the beginging they were 4 clones from the green dragon out in the valley in socal 2 clones were shot out of the gate they wernt even routed rookie mistake even purchasing but it happens. well heres 3 week veg first weeks of flower heres heading into week 4 heres...
  4. I

    Nutrient Question

    I use the general hydroponics waterfarms. When i initially put my seedlings into the farms the leaves got nute burns even after following what the bottles said to use. I cut it back by half and the very tops of my leaves have a pinch of yellow. So here's my question... Does anybody know an...
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