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  1. Meek246unruly


    When making feminized seeds.what generation would they be label as like f1,f2,f3. BTW the plants im about to feminize are from a cross ive bred of some regular seeds,but was saying im about to try something different now. What you think?let me know
  2. JayGeneration

    Grapefruit Diesel

    Grapefruit Diesel by Next Generation Seeds
  3. K

    There's Only One Demographic That Still Thinks Marijuana Should Be Illegal

    With the election rapidly approaching, and a great deal at stake for marijuana legalization supporters, it should come as music to their ears that attitudes are continuing to shift in their favor. As has been reported previously - and for several ongoing years now - the sentiment around...
  4. K

    Huge Generation Could Cast Decisive Votes, Especially On Marijuana

    As they come of age and register to vote, Millennials - that enormous generation born since 1981 - are surging so fast they're on the verge of overtaking the Baby Boomer behemoth as a share of the California electorate. And new evidence confirms that, so far at least, the GOP is losing them...