1. C

    Simple visual deficiencies & excesses chart

    Not sure if it has been posted before . It think its pretty precise and it has a visual value to it instead of just written explanation. Came accros a ton of posts where the title is … What is happening?!. Photographic memory friendly, the ambiance everyone’s looking for. For right now, since...
  2. Fonzi

    Good Seedbank?

    Hello dear Friends, I read in the German area constantly only from Royal Queen Seeds, Bulk seeds or Linda Seeds. There are so many good Breeder but i always only reads from the same. I'm interested in good Breeder with stabil good Genetic.. I don't select a Mother. I have experience with...
  3. Teddy Edwards

    Cannabis Breeding & Genetic Variance By LopinNSmokin

  4. ResinSaurusRex

    Thoughts on how much longer I might have? KF#1 Imperial Genetics

    I haven't been able to find a grow journal for this strain. Its Kurple Fantasy #1 from Imperial Genetics. Yup, it is the #1 seed, not the #2 seed. The purple side of the genetic tree is starting to show up now. Thoughts on harvest? I'm thinking early July.
  5. WildestViolet

    Cloning and Genetics question

    I posted a question yesterday and being new to this site, I probably did it wrong so forgive the repetition, because I am still unsure how to delete a post. I have copied and pasted it here for feedback..Thanks All. My questions may seem pathetic at first, so bear with me. We had a bacterial...
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