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  1. Emilya Loves GeoFlora!

    Emilya Loves GeoFlora!

  2. BakedARea

    Dynomyco We Want You: Side-by-Side Comparative Grow By BakedARea

    :cheer::high-five: Congrats to all of us for this cool opportunity! Please tag me growers in your journals so that I can follow along. Thank you @DYNOMYCO for this opportunity! And of course many thanks to @420 and the entire 420 Mag community for this place so we can take part in something...
  3. 20220416_175803-01.jpeg


    Dynamic Duo of @GeoFlora Nutrients & @DYNOMYCO
  4. 20220416_175958-01.jpeg


    Dynamic Duo of @GeoFlora Nutrients & @DYNOMYCO
  5. 20220416_180523-01.jpeg


    Dynamic Duo of @GeoFlora Nutrients & @DYNOMYCO
  6. 20220323_164458-01.jpeg


    @GeoFlora Nutrients w/ @DYNOMYCO plus another dose of Soil Activator.
  7. Girl Scout Cookies - The Keeper

    Girl Scout Cookies - The Keeper

  8. White Widow

    White Widow

  9. GSC #5 under pressure

    GSC #5 under pressure

    18.75% rosin return
  10. GSC squish

    GSC squish

    18.75% return
  11. GSC, the keeper cut

    GSC, the keeper cut

    Girl Scout Cookies
  12. Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies

    GSC #5 Taking her final bow Thank you, everybody
  13. Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies

    GSC #5, day 50
  14. GSC #5, flip day 44

    GSC #5, flip day 44

    420 Magazine Girl Scout Cookies
  15. GSC #5, day 38

    GSC #5, day 38

  16. GSC and Star Killer OG

    GSC and Star Killer OG

  17. SKOG water only

    SKOG water only

  18. Star Killer OG

    Star Killer OG

  19. White Widow

    White Widow

  20. Cookie rack

    Cookie rack

    420 Magazine Official Girl Scout Cookie Comparative Grow Plant four of five finished
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