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    Georgia: Poll Shows Massive Support For Medical Marijuana Expansion

    A new statewide poll just released to 11Alive News shows Georgia voters massively support expanding the current medical marijuana bill. According to Georgians for Freedom in Health Care 84.5% approve expanding the law to allow for in state cultivation and production of medical marijuana under...
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    Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Ray McBerry

    An interesting race for Georgia's next Governor is brewing. Ray McBerry (republican) is running as the only States' Rights candidate. I personally asked him if he would sign any legislation the would allow Medical Marijuana in Georgia. He said "Yes." We need to look for candidates like...
  3. G

    420 Atlanta... Whats Goin On?

    Hey guys im new to the forum. I live and reside in Marietta, GA. I was wondering if there were any festivals or events happening in Atlanta or around the state on 420 (April 20th). I know about the Sweetwater Festival but i think thats for beer. So could sumone help me find a place to hangout...
  4. gaNORML

    Georgia NORML at UGA presents Proposition 42

    On December 2nd, 2008, Georgia NORML at UGA presented Proposition 42 for the first time to City Hall. This marks the first day of the next phase. Watch it here: YouTube - City Hall Meeting #01 - Proposition 42 - Marijuana Law Reform in Georgia Later, -John:yummy:
  5. gaNORML

    Atlanta and Athens have NOT been forgotten!

    My name is John Hill. In January 2008, I headed the formation of Georgia's only NORML chapter as a student group at UGA. Located in Athens, GA, we are continually gathering signatures on Proposition 42 to decriminalize 7grams for personal possession. If 18 or older, you would face a $100...
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