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  1. Alaskan Purple - Seedsman

    Alaskan Purple - Seedsman

    Seedsman Alaskan Purple
  2. White Widow

    White Widow

    White Widow popped out of her shell
  3. White Widow

    White Widow

    White widow popped out of her shell
  4. Germination Station

    Germination Station

    Bean Germination Seedsman- White Widow Alaskan Purple 30:1 CBD
  5. Black Cali Grape

    Black Cali Grape

    Upside down
  6. How To Plant Cannabis Seeds In Soil

    How To Plant Cannabis Seeds In Soil

    A cannabis seed is properly positioned, in soil, when the pointed end is facing up.
  7. received_2463856963902487.jpeg


    Suggested germination method from a seed bank.
  8. D

    Just germinated seedling with taproot fell to ground can it harm plant

    since i am a beginner at growing cannabis i worry too much about my seedlings also because they’re dro :p as i was moving my germinated seedlings into soil i accidentally dropped it in the floor but i washed it with water will this expose the plant to anything? also, once i planted the seedling...
  9. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a hydroponic system, not dissimilar to seedolab, do i still need to germinate the seeds?
  10. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a grow system, not dissimilar to the Seedolab hydroponic system, would i still need to germinate the seeds?
  11. L

    Grow room is okay?

    Hi all, Currently getting some white cookie on the way and 3/5 seeds germinate from cks. the 2 other never show up I was wondering if my setup would be fine to grow 3 plants / enough space. I use some perlite and vermiculite and pro mix soil with distllied water up to now. Should i...
  12. L

    Black Indica, Closet Grow 5' X 3', LED

    The vendor that set me up with my soil and nutes started me with a bale of blank soil - no nutes at all other than what I feed with. I am starting off with GAIA POWER BLOOM 2-8-4 designed for good root growth and flowering .... I am wondering, once the seeds sprout - and I put them in soil...
  13. B

    CB Dutch Treat vs Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush

    And taking an early lead is.... View image in gallery
  14. solareclipse

    Stupid question?

    guys i hve a question...coz my english aren't so good some words or phrases i cant undersrand.like rooting seedling germinate.???? so i just wonder when the seed bank sais 9 weeks from germinate ,does theymean when u have it still on coton or when come of the soil the first set of leaves...
  15. B

    Quick question about those cloudy days!

    Okay, so i'm doing a grow for the first time (outdoor auto's), and was wondering if it would be a bad idea to germinate and plant my seeds while it's cloudy outside. It will be cloudy for at least a week, and temperatures will drop to 57 degrees. :50:
  16. G

    What is the best method for germination?

    Hi yall, total newbie here! had a question, just got in some fresh seeds and was wondering what the best way to go about the germination process would be for the highest success rate. thanks everyone!
  17. Tris420

    Accidentally dropped seeds in water

    Hey 420 Friends .. First off im an Idiot haha ... Like the title says i tried to germinate 1 seed yesterday and while taking it out I accidentally dropped the other 2 seeds in the water too but i quickly took them out and dried them ... But what do you guys think ? are they screwed now ...
  18. B

    How long does it take for a plant to germinate?

    How long does it take a white widow auto flower seed to germinate in a hydroponic system similar to an aero garden? It's been 4 days and I haven't seen a sprout yet. Also, what color are these seeds supposed to be? The reason I ask is that I have read online that the darker the seeds the...
  19. B

    Has anyone use hydrogen peroxide to germinate? Does it help?

    Has anyone use hydrogen peroxide to germinate their seeds I was told if you use one cup of distilled water with one cap full of hydrogen peroxide it would help it Germinate better has anyone tried this and what was your results?
  20. quemedica

    Fabergé Egg Germination

    Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite some time so I guess this is my coming out, so to speak ;) I’m working on a few (hopefully) interesting posts and thought I’d start with this one since it’s the shortest write-up. Back in early January, friends and I decided this...
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