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  1. D

    Touched germinated taproot with tweezers, is this okay?

    i germinated a few dro seeds and the taproot came out as i was planting the seedling my tweezers accidentally touched the taproot. will this harm my root or plant? please help!! TIA
  2. S

    Germinated seed

    What is the ideal germinated seed look like before planting into soil?
  3. C

    My seeds germinated but plants aren't healthy

    Hey guys, I bought 15 seeds....germinated the first 5 using the cup of water/papertowel method. 4 of the 5 germinated, we planted when the taproots were half to 3/4 inches, the 4 plants all popped up but within a few days were all dead....second round we germinated the next 5, all 5...
  4. A

    Black Domina - Slow plant growth - Can you offer some suggestions?

    Strain: Afghan Kush x Black Domina Breeder: World of Seeds Type: Feminized Germinated: 6/21/2017 Lighting: 2 x Mars Hydro 300w LED Temp: 80-85F Humidity: 40-60% Light cycle: 18/6 Soil grow: Sunshine Pro Growing Mix Circulation: 4" 190cfm Tent: 2.5ft x 4ft x 5ft Nutrients (mL/Gal)...
  5. Gardenseed

    OG Kush x Haze

    5 out of 5 Germinated, Germinated for 10 days, Vegetated for 14 days and its day 45 of flowering. I give it a very good rating. 10 out of 10. Thank you Crop King. :Namaste:
  6. S

    First Grow - Crop King Seeds NYC Diesel

    Here is the result of my first grow. Germinated 2 seeds, both germinated a-ok. Tried hydro with one, soil with the other. Hydro died week two because I suck. Here is the final result as I started to flush and then dry.
  7. P

    Germinated and went straight to flower?

    The seed was supposed to be World of Seeds - Pakistan Valley (Feminised) from the landrace collection. it's in hydro- under a Mars 300 LED running 16 on, 4 off, 0.5 on, 3.5 off; gaslighting to save electric inputs but keep Fems in Veg until I can take some clones. This one germinated...
  8. I

    Runt Seedling

    What does it mean when your shoot is a total RUNT!?! I germinated the seed in the soil and the light was approx 18 inches away. It took two days for the shoot to break through, but it is sooo stunted now. I now have the light about 2 feet above it... What does it mean when you have a runt...
  9. B


    Very Excited! My seeds just germinated, I've been a Horticulturist for 28 years,
  10. Lord Simmer

    420 Bubblegum Autoflower Outdoor 2016 - Lord Simmer

    PLANTS: KERA Seeds Genetics: Bubblegum x Ruderalis Mix Soil: 1. KGRO Premium Potting Soil Nutrients: o General Hydroponics FloraDuo A o General Hydroponics FloraDuo B o General Hydroponics FloraKleen Anticipated Heights: 27-35" Anticipated Weight: med Averaging Flowering...
  11. I

    First grow! Just a few questions - Thanks

    This will be my first time growing. I have recently purchased 5 Afghani Seeds. My last grow was a failure due to overwatering. 1: Should I soak my seed starting soil in distilled water prior to planting the germinated seeds? 2: After the seeds are germinated and planted in soil, at what point...
  12. P

    Is purified drinking water enhanced with minerals bad for cannabis plants?

    i am growing 2 early miss auto plants one i planted not germinated and one i germinated its been 48 hours and they still have not popped threw the soil, i have been watering using bottled purified water because that's what i have laying around the house, i read the bottle today and it says...
  13. P

    Is it normal for a germinated seed's tap root to feel hard?

    my seed germinated tonight i planted it immediately when i seen the tap root the tap root must of just popped out it looked like it was doing a u turn . i accidentally touched the taproot when putting it in the soil and it kind of felt hard, is this normal ? also i planted the germinated seed in...
  14. P

    Crop King's Early Miss Auto Journal

    I am growing early miss auto. Yesterday i mixed black gold natural organic potting soil and black gold prelite and i filled a 2 gallon flower pot with it. I then watered the soil with a quart of distilled water waited a half hour then planted a not germinated seed 1 inch under the soil. 3 hours...