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  1. N

    Look at this picture, I’m fairly new here but is this good or bad?

    I have 3 purple kush seeds germinating and I came to check on them and I noticed this happening. Is this okay ? I haven’t seen this before.
  2. K

    Tiny Worms Killing My Germinate Seeds

    This is my 6th indoor growing season. Have been using 1/3 foxfarm, 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite for the soil. My seeds were started by soaking in ph balanced Hydrozime in RO water (5ml/quart) until the seeds pop exposing the start of a tap root. Then the seeds are planted in the soil 1/4" deep. This...
  3. Alaskan Purple - Seedsman

    Alaskan Purple - Seedsman

    Seedsman Alaskan Purple
  4. White Widow

    White Widow

    White Widow popped out of her shell
  5. White Widow

    White Widow

    White widow popped out of her shell
  6. EngineersGrowing

    Automation engineer with a green thumb

    Hello 420 friends! I like to grow plants that get assisted throughout their journey via technology as well as innovate different ways that will help optimize plant cycles. I originally created a start up company to introduce a universal DIY controller that would assist all types of grows...
  7. 20200411_105917.jpg


    I started some seeds using the paper towel in ziplock bag technique
  8. 0EF1DE94-2CF3-43F9-AE2D-F53401430C93.jpeg


    Germinating in paper towels
  9. 9A4E9563-AB55-4DF2-8F37-B9C6A04CFF46.jpeg


    Paper towel germination
  10. HugePeckerhead

    Experimental Grow: Sexting Seeds Prior To Germination Using Old Myths & Seed Chart, Micro Grow

    Hi there everyone. Today another member and I ( @GHempster ) were on the idea of sexting a normal seed prior to germination. Prior to this discussion I've browsed through countless sites in search of myths and methods. Question is....is it possible to tell the sex of a plant just looking at the...
  11. HotHack2.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Summer Grow 2018-May 28
  12. HotHack.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Summer Grow 2018-May 28
  13. M

    Green planet duel fuel

    Is my first time growing and was wondering what are you guys thought on using duel fuel I'm currently germinating 2 white widow feminized and 2 Jack Herer feminized auto flower Thanks for your input
  14. W

    New to germinating out of soil using Crop King method

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and to growing. I have grown 3 plants by luck I guess by putting seeds I had acquired over time. This year I ordered Northern Lights auto flower and let them germinate successfully. Two days ago I planted them into the potter, but I'm not sure if it was too...
  15. T

    Beginner question

    Did you leave it on the heat mat after it had sprouted?
  16. B

    Homemade Grow Journal

    Setup - Homemade Grow 24 × 18 × 70in. ( L × W × H ) Exhaust: Yes, Exhaust Duct Fan Air Intake: Original Intake Holes Installed Fan: Yes, 5in. Two-speed Fan Thermometer: Hygro Meter Thermometer Light: 125 Watt CFL 18 × 12 × 8.5in. ( L × W × H ) Timer: Yes Ph-Meter: No, Ordering...
  17. Lord Simmer

    420 LSD-25 Autoflower Outdoor 2016 - Lord Simmer

    PLANTS: FAST Seeds Genetics: LSD x Ruderalis Soil: 1. KGRO Premium Potting Soil Nutrients: o General Hydroponics FloraDuo A o General Hydroponics FloraDuo B o General Hydroponics FloraKleen Anticipated Heights: 27-47" Anticipated Weight: med-high Averaging Flowering: 8-9...
  18. J

    Please advise - 1st time grower

    Thanks to everyone on advance for any snd and all help. I'm in the process of germinating autoflowering lowrider drawf seeds using the paper towel method. The YouTube video I watched said not to use rock wool or clay pebbles and to only transport the germinated seeds into soil? Correct me if...
  19. M

    No Transplant Shock? Germinating Autoflowers

    Why do you let seedlings/cuttings root a ball before you transplant doesn't that cause transplant shock? So i don't and i never get stunted from transplanting. I was trying to find the best method for germinating autoflowers so here is what i've got: Rockwool cubes in PH water, bang seeds...
  20. G

    Problems Germinating My Seed Help

    Im having difficulties germinating my seeds I have more than 50 seeds given by a friend mix with indica and sativa and hybrid he had that seed almost a year. Tried every possible germinating procedure like paper towel (no luck almost 2 weeks) transferred them at soil,water soaking (18-24 hrs) or...
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