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    10 Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk seeds in sandwich box with damp paper towel and covered.
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    Hydroponics please help

    First time grow question (seedlings/hydroponics) Hi I am starting a hydroponic grow from 4 five gallon buckets drip system. I bought a humidity dome and heat mat my question is once they sprout how long before I take my rock wool cubes and place them in the 5 gallon buckets with clay rocks? I...
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    White root small bulb

    Hello, I am a week into planting purple haze. After I planted it the root was showing but not sprouting so i re planted it and watered it. Does that seem right? the root was all white with a little green bulb, I am hoping the root didnt die and anyone that can help or shed light I would...
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    Whats the best technique for seed germination?

    The good ol' damp paper towels inbetween plates technique? or ive hear of getting a sponge and wetting it and putting the seeds inside then leaving it out in the sun? does that work? or are there better ways?
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    First grow, no sign of life

    hi guys, this my first grow and first post, i love this site. i have followed all advice on germinating seeds and have succesfully got four germinated seeds in individual peat pots. the paper towel method worked a treat. the only light i have is a 600w dual spectrum and i dont want to put...
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