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  1. J

    My first grow setup

    Hi guys, I am a new grower and planted my seeds yesterday. I am using cocopeat,vermicompost,vermiculite in 1 : 1 : 1 ratio as my soil mix. I mixed them thoroughly and filled 2 5 gallon and wet it.I planted 2 dinafem feminised OG kush seeds ( 1 in each pot) directly without any prior germination...
  2. A

    An Experiment - Slicing seeds that haven't germinated

    Hello to you all 420 growers! First of all, i'd like to say that im defenetley not an expert and not even close to be. Any other advices and idea are greatly welcome. I had 2 reg Bluckberry Kush seeds that did'nt make it to be germinated (I used the toalet paper method for 1 week, then i...
  3. J

    Confused King newbie - Germination & planting process for hydro

    I read the germination process on Crop King's Site but it is not clear on how to plant the germinated seeds if you are using a hydro system. It states only soil planting. How and when do you plant the seedlings for hydroponic growing? Please be gentle! This is my first grow ever and I am old...
  4. J

    Seedling help

    . Wondering if someone can help me out please. I have planted 8 germinated seeds ( germinated using cup of water to paper towel. Tap root 1/2" -3/4") in promix soil with no added nutrients. Seeds are a fem mix from cks. I have had them in soil under a 2700 lumen led light. 5000k color temp. For...
  5. S

    Botanists - What is this seed structure?

    Hey Cannabotonists -- Can one of you please tell me what this weird-looking white structure is on my recently popped-open seedling? I though it was a broken cotyledon, but 12 hours the seedling looks perfect and the white thing has dried up and sloughed off. Can someone who knows seed anatomy...
  6. R

    newbie germination question.

    hi guys . i have my first question and not even sure i am in the right section but.... i am going to order some seeds from crop kings ,most likely train wreck and i would like to no for Quebec canada when should i start the germination process and also once they are ready to plant do i put them...
  7. C

    My seeds aren't doing anything

    Well not only did my order cake about five weeks to get to me but I germinated in water for the recommended time and the other batch is stuck in the soil directly I got a total of 8 seeds and neither back is doing anything the soil is moist on water and about every other day the lights are on...
  8. L

    Should I follow the directions?

    I have received my seeds and on the site that I ordered from it guarantees 80% germination rate if I follow their instructions, which are- soaking in glass of water for up to 18 hours and then the paper towel method. I have been reading quite a bit about the initial germination processes out...
  9. Bodhisattva

    Come Watch! - Bubbling Stealth - 750W LED - Ammo/Haze Berry/Bubblegum Kush/Lemon Haze

    Join me for a bubbly ride into the world of royal queen with a haze, high ammo, kushy ride thats gonna lemonize and harmonise you into the skies.:joint::3: Target YEILD - Total 4 to 6 Ounces in 12 Weeks of Flower ( 1 to 1.5 OZ per Plant) My Grow 1 Jack Herer - 5 Gal DWC expected yeild - 1.5...
  10. J

    Please advise - 1st time grower

    In the process of germinating autoflowering lowrider drawf seeds and the YouTube video I watched it said that to only transfer into soil? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a Hydro setup produce faster and much higher yields? I plan on modding a wicker storage unit with 3 levels and 6 selves...
  11. L

    Germination in coco coir disks?

    I am an absolute beginner on growing so i have no idea what im doing and scared that i will not be able to even germinate my seeds. I planted yesterday one seed in a coco coir disk but i dont know what else to do. The seed hole in the coco is a little too wide, should i have covered it with...
  12. Bumble


    Well, my first germination process 2was soak the seeds for about 2 days or so, all 10 seeds cracked, then to soil,3 made it to mature plant and are now vegging,3 to 5 feet tall. So I got some northern lights auto from CKS and have followed the germination process they recommend. 18hr in water...
  13. No Pain

    High Pressure Areo, Galaxy Hydro 600W LED, WW, GC, BB, 2016

    Grow room = 4x3x6 tent System = to be high pressure Areo running at around 100 psi Misters = .8 gph Qty= 4 -6 Mist size = 50 micron Tote = 20"W x 37"L x 17"H Nutes = gen hydro flora series 3 inch net pot with gorox surrounding root riot cube. Strains = CKS White Widow, Green Crack ...
  14. A

    Crop Kings' Morpheous

    Any reviews on this strain, pics etc? bought some novelty items and not to sure whether i should or not, germination is taking longer than usual..
  15. G

    What is the best method for germination?

    Hi yall, total newbie here! had a question, just got in some fresh seeds and was wondering what the best way to go about the germination process would be for the highest success rate. thanks everyone!
  16. NonGMO

    Seeds not sinking

    Hello guys 2nd ever forum post here on 420Magazine, this is my first time growing and experimenting with growing but I took honors Biology and Agriculture so I know a little around here. But I'm having some troubles with getting my seeds to sink. Yesterday I started the germination process with...
  17. NonGMO

    Will seed be damaged?

    Hello guys this is my first post on 420magazine and also my first time growing, I have a few questions that may be kinda dumb but I'm trying my best and looking to get as much help and practice I can get. Ok so today I bought some seeds 2 White Widows and 1 OG Skunk I started the germination...
  18. EvilStinkbomb

    EvilStinkbomb's - Organic Northern Lights Autoflower! - Journal

    Hi everyone! So this is going to be my first grow; i'm really excited and would like to share my first growing experience with the rest of the cannabis community. I'm going to be growing the well-known strain Northern Lights. These are going to be autoflowering feminized seeds. I purchased my...
  19. H

    Rockwool Alternative

    So my friend suggested me this piece of... i dont even know what it is, some kind of moss. He said it's perfect for Cuttings and i should really try it, but im not sure. Does anyone of you have experience with this? Ive seen it in garden shop's but im afraid of mold, since i am...
  20. B

    Has anyone used rapid rooter for germination and how did it work for you?

    Has anyone here used rapid Rooter to germinate seeds I've been using distilled water in glass cups and I'm getting one seeday out. Of six to germinate
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