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  1. J

    Get Ready To See Hemp Fields Cropping Up In New York

    By spring, New York farmers may be able to grow hemp legally for the first time in decades. The Hemp Research Bill, introduced in Albany by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Senator Tom O'Mara, was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo last year. As its title suggests, the bill allows researchers to...
  2. TheNarrator

    Hi from TheNarrator!

    Hi 420Mag! Have been lurking the internet for a few months, giving myself a crash course in growing in order to setup to be able to supply for myself. Found myself browsing this site for most of my answers anyway so thought I should sign up. Have smoked for over 5 years now and have been...
  3. 2

    New to the group puff puff pass

    Good day, Medical grower and user for about 10 years now. I would not be alive today if not for this plant. Looking for other ways to get the most pain relief as possible out of this plant. peace
  4. W

    CBD and parts of plant

    I have been growing royal medic by royal queen it is advertised as 10% THC and 12% CBD if i am trying to get all the CBD i can get what part/s of plant has the most CBD? Thank you Wink
  5. L

    Looking for doctor in Toronto

    I have depression and anxiety. It's been so bad and I've been losing hope in traditional medication. I tried cipralex to the highest dose. I'm zoloft and almost getting to highest dose. Still get anxiety so bad I can't go out. I barely get out of bed. My body is physically exhausted all the time...
  6. N


    Hello, I guess I'm on here because I can't get medical weed in my country and I cared for my Mum the last two years as she died from cancer and now the old Man is in hospital dying from Lung cancer. Haven't dabbled in 20 years so any expert advice is welcome. I'm currently growing 4 White...
  7. P

    Advice for yields grams per watt

    Hey guys right here's my set up first 2x 600w dual spectrum hps lights 1x 300 cfl dual spectrum and a 45w x 225 led light grow space is 30 square foot roughly or 2.5-3square meters roughly 20 x 20 litre breathable fabric pots mix soil 50% miracle grow 50% potting mix off Amazon and big bud xxxl...
  8. Nicholas Flamel

    Best Hygrometer value for drying

    Good Monday, i need to get a hygrometer to dry my harvest and i have read that calliber lll are acurate. But this was posted in 2007. So i wanted some up to date opinions from my fellow gardeners. I was going to get one from Amazon but they have so many to choose from. They have a digital...
  9. S


    I have a 4x4 grow tent, running 4 plants, i may or may not run scrog on my next grow. What size led should i get? I was thinking go big or go home and get a 1600 mars 2, or should i get multiple 900 mars 2? Any ideas?
  10. J

    Newbie from CO

    My name is Chris and I'm new to the whole marijuana scene. I'm a medically retired vet and I use marijuana for medicinal purposes. I only do edibles though. I do want to get in to growing though. I live in Colorado and need some information on how to get a permit to grow medicinal marijuana. Any...
  11. P

    My plant's balls

    Well to start with I want to thank you all for your post's and opinion's. I cut one piece of the new growth off last night so I could get some better pic's. Some of them are kinda blurry, best I could get. 2-3 weeks ago I thought I had nute burn, so I changed the water to just PH balanced...
  12. BlazingBill

    Greetings from a old fart and very noob grower

    Howdy all, I just recently started back into the 420 world, enjoyed it in the 70's as a kid, and now on disability due to alot of bad accidents so I am tired of taking over 11 pills twice a day and trying out the good healing meds, As a kid I remember the last thing I did was thaistick laced...
  13. J

    Ready to harvest! But have a problem

    Hey guys. So one of my plants is ready to harvest. However, my other plant still has several weeks left. My original idea was to hang the plant in the grow tent, but of course I can't do that with all the light! I have a closest I could use but it has a glass front so light would get in now and...
  14. D

    Ready for harvest?

    I have switched to 12/12 about 7-8 weeks ago, I am using five CFL 2700 lights and the strain is Sativa. I used PHperfect Bloom, Micro, and Grow and just flushed it two days ago. The calyxes started swelling about a week ago. I do not have a microscope so I had to use my camera on macro setting...
  15. blackpaw

    DIY flower iron

    Was looking at a ceramic tipped herb iron but was appalled at the price. So, let the mouse do the shopping and viola a cheap alternative: $30 "value" import 24vDC ceramic tipped, jacketed. Need to get down to the bare ceramic, now I have to touch the metal jacket to the herb, the watts...
  16. P

    When watering do you have to poor the water on the stem of the plant?

    I watered my plant today and i did not use the oral syringe i usually use because my plant is requiring more water. My plant is short and I did not want to get the leaves wet so i watered around the plant and i was not able to get the water on the stem. Is this ok ?
  17. N

    Hello 420 Community

    Hi my name is Cameron, I have just stumbled upon these forums and thought I would sign up.. Im a first time grower with a single indoor plant thats 4 weeks into its flowering stage. I germinated this plant from seeds I found throughout my personal smoko.. My aim throughout this grow has...
  18. O

    Should I trim fan leaves anymore?

    Sup 420 fam So far I'm in my 4th week going into my 5th on Saturday. My two girls are growing out of control in my little tent, I think next time I with veg less and only do one at a time til I get a bigger tent and space. Anyway, I want to get more light to my buds but the only way to do...
  19. B

    New here - Question before I buy seeds

    I am starting my first grow, and looking just to keep it to around 4 plants. I will be getting bitcoin tomorrow to get the order placed, and currently was going to go with the "Auto fem White Widow XTRM 10 pack with 5 free carmalized seeds, for about $120 with shipping. This is from...
  20. A

    A few general questions that are driving me nuts

    Hey guys, getting ready to start my first grow, first grow of anything actually. I'm having hell trying to make a decision on a couple things. After weeks of research and flipping back and forth I figured I'd get some input. I am setting everything up in a 2' x 4' x 6' tall metal cabinet...
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