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    Sip, probiotics, recyled living organics

    how's it going ladies and gentlemen. I'm green, and this is my first time on this forum. I've been growing for about 5 years, I'm very active on the forum roll it up, just trying to branch out in search of more info on this method of growing that I have recently fell in love with! a Lil bit of...
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    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
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    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
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    GGs1 by Doc's Dank Seeds
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    Herbies Updates 20th July 2017

    Back in stock — You can see the full list of back in stock items here Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems New Strains Added — You can see the full list here Buddha Seeds Calamity Jane Fems - Sativa strain, 75 days flowering, Sweet and penetrating citrus flavours Dark Horse...
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    Did I over-trim? Am I going to flower?

    Hello All, Thank you for stopping by. So here is my first 2 clones Gg#4 (Gorrilla Glue#4) and GDP (Grand Daddy Purple), pics of day one and most recent. Did I over trim, Under Trim? How am I doing? Assistance needed please. Floor to light bottom of LED 50" some room to spare to raise MARS...
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    Gorilla Glue In Washington?

    Does anyone know where to get GG#4 in WA around Tac/Sea Area????????:thumb:
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    Gorilla Glue#4

    Does anyone know where to get a cut of GG#4 in WA State Oly/Tac/Sea Area???????:drool: