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  1. MikkaTheEnt

    Mod for easy LST in GH Waterfarms

    So, I have been growing in my General Hydroponics Waterfarms (2 of 'em) for a bit over a year now. I've wanted to LST or SCROG or SOG them, but it proved too unwieldy to put a mesh over the tops of them for a canopy, or to tie colas down. No matter what I tied them down to, when it came time to...
  2. 20180316_085114.jpg


  3. waterfarm strawberry cake

    waterfarm strawberry cake

    same strain different phenos
  4. samsara spicy white devil

    samsara spicy white devil

    spicy white devil flushed and ready for the chop
  5. waterfarm


  6. waterfarm


    waterfarms under scrog
  7. double waterfarm scrogg.

    double waterfarm scrogg.

    recovering form nitrogen toxicity
  8. dracularsdog

    First thread - Nitrogen toxicity and the effects it has on my grow

    hello fellow growers/enthsiasts. This is my first post on 420 and im going to cover nitrogen toxicity, and the effects it has had on my grow. I have been growing using waterfarms for a couple of years now with complete trouble free success, untill this grow. Over confidence and an urge to push...
  9. xEnl1ghtenedx

    First grow plan - need input

    Hello! I have been reading these forums for years now, and finally made an account. This is what I'm planning on doing. My veg space is about 5' by 4' and has varying heights. My flowering space is about 5' long 3'wide and about 6.5' tall. I will be using 2 GH waterfarms ( I own three...
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