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ghetto grow

  1. K

    Finishing Up A Lone Revolver

    A little late to the game i am with this post, but i am at day 90 of the most ghetto grow you can imagine. running CFL's on 24/0, soil i grabbed from the dollar store and basically a few jobes organic fert sticks in there. Unfortunately i Topped her without knowing thats not a great idea for...
  2. LEDRF

    LEDRF's Ghetto Grow - Auto Ultimate - 600W Apollo

    Hey, welcome to my cheap tent grow. I am showing everything, step by step with video for this grow. How I feed. How much I feed, what exactly is in my tent, etc. My goal is to get 12oz from one auto. I have done it with a few u under the same light. 600w Apollo bulb with UFO hood 200w T5...