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  1. Slammy Pajama

    Light Wars - Attack of the Clones

    :tommy: Hello Friends! Back again for another round and another experiment. Here we are mid winter and back in the tents. We have had a lot of interests in our pursuits, thus this run will be an attack of the clones! Dialling in the light cycles will be extremely tricky. The lights are...
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  3. G

    Ready To Harvest?

    Okay, so my plants I believe are ready to harvest? I got a closer look at the trichomes with a microscope. And two of my plants are getting amber, is it ready to harvest??? Also, 1.) Will the little baby buds at the bottom of the plant get bigger and grow more? Should I wait longer to harvest...
  4. Lil Merkaba

    Abandoned 420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Lil Merkaba

    Hello everyone welcome to my GSC comparative grow thread!! such an honor to be apart of this project I’m a beginner grower absolutely grateful, eager and excited to learn and spread the love!! Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Lighting: Sungrown Medium: Coots living soil mix Mixed by hand in 50 gal...
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    Official @420 Magazine Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express DAY 2
  8. Close up

    Close up

    Lil seedling
  9. Germination: Day 1

    Germination: Day 1

    12 hrs in paper towel 4 of 6 have cracked open!
  10. Germination: Day 1

    Germination: Day 1

    Close up!
  11. M

    Mexicokate Grow 2, Girl Scout In Soil, Outdoor

    I have found after getting the first seed germinated that I have a curiosity into the botany of these majestic beasts. I had recieved half an oz from a friend which was unfortunately full of seeds... which I was like f it, let's see if these will take off too. I probably sprouted about 20 from...
  12. Slammy Pajama

    My Girl Scout Cookie is looking sad! Need nutrient help!

    So for probably about, a week now? My girl scout cookie looked to be experiencing nitrogen toxicity... clawing tips, dark green leaves, especially older growth was looking really dark and waxy/shiny. However, she IS sucking a lot of lower leaves down to yellow, then brown and crispy (lots more...
  13. C

    Completed Outdoor Grow Tutankhamon 2018 By Out Of Time

    Pyramid seeds Tutankhamon Mostly Sativa Ak47 Pyramid Shape I got 3 seeds from seedsman Planted in solo cups with Happy Frog I named each seed to keep track of them Tut was planted on May 8th, 2018 Ankh and Amon were planted on May 15th, 2018 May 22, 2018 is day 14 for Tut, Day 7 for Ankh...
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    GSC-Blew Hiller Summer 2018 GH Grow
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    GSC-Blew Hiller Summer 2018 GH Grow
  16. hazydayzgjb

    Is it a hermie ? Girl Scout cookies

    Been given a plant of a friend Under 600watt led So it’s quite old 5/6 months and has no signs of flowering. approx 4ft tall. Can anyone help and advise if it’s a hermie/male (veering towards hermie) and weather it’s worth the effort to try and save and flip or if I’m wasting my time ...
  17. ChubStudly

    Abandoned ChubStudly's 9x5 - Super Soil - 630 LEC - Girl Scout Cookies - Green Crack

    Hello fellow 420 aficionados!!! This will be my first grow journal and I look forward to sharing the experience with everyone. I've learned a lot from this community and have been growing for the last 2 years with a somewhat similar setup to what is running today. Thanks for stopping by...
  18. B

    Completed 3 x Girl Scout Cookies - 550W LED - Indoor - Soil

    Now that I've got 3 indoor grows under my belt.. it was high time to upgrade the equipment.. I'm hooked on growing and want to advance further. I was thinking about going Hydro but after some reading.. I'm just not ready to take that plunge.. so for now, it'll be a soil grow. Here's some...
  19. Cynderella

    Help! Nutes Burned my Girl Scout Cookie?

    Hey Family, My first post on this site, looking for an assist. Picked up my clones 3 days ago, gave them a light watering day 1 and 1/2 dose of Fox Farm Grow big on Day 2, nothing so far today (day 3). I have 3 Blue Dream and 3 Girl Scout Cookies going and the BD took the nutes GREAT and...
  20. K

    Kauai Grower's LED Farm

    Aloha All, Just harvested my first crop in the new grow room. There were four mostly sativa strains. Blue Dream, Utopia Haze, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookie (I think). Room: 13'X15' sealed room. Air conditioned with de-humidifier. Temp at 75 RH 50. At the back of the room is a 4X8 grow...
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