1. PaulyG

    Summer fun Bubba Kush

    From summer grow watch this little lady flower.
  2. K.puff&stuff

    Can we talk about Cloning

    Hi guys I need a little more info on cloning. My crowns Royal are doing well and I decided to clone the biggest girl in the room. I read about cloning and I read people use rock wool. I don't have any rock wool and would like to put them directly in the dirt cup with ziplock on top. I'm planning...
  3. S

    Rookie grower first plant - Need help sexing

    I think shes a girl?
  4. GrowGrowGrow

    Abandoned GGGs Outdoor Girl Scout Cookies 2017

    Hello! Never thought I would do another grow journal but here I am so let me give you the rundown Strain: Girl Scout Cookies (clone) Medium: Soil (Ocean forest) Nutes: Elite 2 part for now Container: 25 gal plastic I received the clone in early May and put her outside. This...
  5. xave420

    Deficiency on my Girl Scout Cookies - Anyone know?

    Not sure what deficiency I have on some of the top leaves starting on my girl scout cookies. its in mid flower and I am using nectar for the gods line in coco coir. I ph to 6.0- 6.1 before I water.
  6. F

    Mah girl is sick!

    Meet Sam.What's wrong with Sam? She's a clone from an unknown source. Unknown strain. My wife did not do a good job of tending her (she brought it from a friend but again, no details) She is looking ill, but I'm too much of a newb to really tell. I think I did right, getting her into good soil...
  7. N

    Spots on leaves of one girl

    White widow Day 18 of flower in soil Foxfarm ocean forest 5 gal pots under a 315 ceramic using RX green bloom A&B Calmag 3mg/gal MOAB 1/2 of recommendations Ph 6.3 PPM 1100 next watering is a flush Spots on some leafs, girl looks great though, her sister blue dream has no spots
  8. xave420

    Completed Xave's Girl Scout Cookies Auto LED & CFL Grow

    Hey everybody im back and gonna try to do a Girl Scout Cookies Auto. Im stepping into new territory for me as im doing coco coir this trial and hoping for the best. I feel pretty good about it though considering I have had a few successful grows in the past. What strain is it? - Fast Buds Girl...
  9. S

    Male or female?

    I'm pretty sure it's a girl! wat?
  10. S

    Help - Is It Ready For Harvest?

    Hi this is new pic of my girl tell meits ready for harvest? today pictures.
  11. HemiSync

    Moving a planted flowering girl inside?

    I have a photo girl that was started in a 3 gallon fabric pot in a greenhouse and during preflower was planted in a nice sunny location outside still in the fabric pot. These fabric pots are the type that won't last more than about 18 months outside. I am sure this girl has probably grown...
  12. C

    Abandoned CanabaMan's Soil GirlScoutCookies Grow Journal - 2016

    Hey guys and gals, This thread will act as my first grow journal + Introduction to the forum! So hello! Here is a little info on the strain that I am growing (quick backstory on this, I picked up a few seeds from a Medi Marijuana dealer in Colorado.) So the info is a quick copy and paste of...
  13. NoobGrowUtube

    Auto Fastbuds - Girl Scout Cookies & LSD-25

    Come check me out
  14. Preachforcure

    Is This Ready To Harvest?

    Hi all, I just wanted your opinion of if you think this girl is ready to harvest...Thanks for any input... :amen: Thanks :amen:
  15. db003

    Completed Db003's Girl Scout Cookies Auto - Coco - Mars II 700

    hello everyone I am db003 and welcome to my grow this will be a grow journal log of the girl scout cookies that I will be growing I got good news and I got bad news first the good news I just put my girl scout cookies seeds for the contest in water to germinate now for the bad news it...
  16. BedroomFarmer

    Completed Girl Scout Cookies Xtrm In Coco LED

    What strain is it? AMS Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Feminized Marijuana seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? mostly indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seed Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Coco drain to waste If soil... what is in your mix? Flowering in canna coco If soil... What size pot...
  17. Stoney Roads

    Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

    Just want to show off these Amazing Girl Scout Cookies. From FastBuds. The smell so amazing and the trichome production is just superior
  18. PurpleGunRack

    Auto Girl Scout Cookies - Fast Buds

    I recently grew 2 Auto Girl Scout Cookies from Fast Buds and ended up with two quite different plants one lanky and dark and one short and white. Girl Scout Cookies #1 Smell: Skunky/earthy 7/10 Taste: Sweet, full body smoke with hints of mint and chocolate 9/10 Effect: Strong...
  19. K

    Completed Ktcg First Grow - Girl Scout Cookies From Seed Outside My Door

    this is my first post and this was my first grow. i took a lot of pics! And I'm almost a week into flowering on my second grow (4 pineapple express tent, LED), which I will post about in the journals in progress. Nice to meet everyone and great site! kyle Strain: some kind of Girl Scout...
  20. P


    Hey all , need ur suport , can u sugest me somethink are the processing is okkey ? can i do somethink lil bit more 4 my girl ? What is ur opinion friends ? tnx 2 all
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