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  1. F

    Slang and Grammar

    I've already introduced myself. I would, however, like to tell you about my views/feelings on Facebook and messaging slang. I have called people 'stupid stoners' for posting outrageous dares (ie 'Tag a friend who could smoke all this in a day'), improper grammar and ridiculous slang (ie 'my bae...
  2. L

    Which substances are different between sativas and indicas?

    what is it that gives the differences in effects?
  3. DankWolf907

    Sending PM to multiple members

    Picture should be self explanatory.. What gives?
  4. LabMan

    MarsII 700 or 900?

    i am planning on upgrading light for a 3x3 area. I can't decide between the 700 or 900 will a 900 give me noticeably better yield? The 700 gives me 35 watts per sf. 900 is 45 watt per sf. Any pros and cons? Thanks