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  1. Stunned

    Organic molasses for the last 3 weeks

    I'v seen this floated by more than one person. Anyone chime in as to yea or nay regarding giving this to your plants as the buds fatten up?
  2. Gorilla Seeds

    Happy New Year From Gorilla Seedbank & Barney's Farm

    Beyond that special 3 feminised seed gift pack the Gorilla's generously giving out this month with orders (the last day is 1/30 btw), he's also giving away a Barney's Farm gift pack for orders being paid with Cash or Bitcoin !!! This is on top of the usual free seeds Want to know which...
  3. M

    New grower

    Hi there everyone I'm a new grower and probably have an obvious question. I'm almost done the germination process and ready to plant my seedling. My question is How much light and water is required after I plant. I'm growing indoors. By the way I have the blueberry strain.
  4. BirdNerd

    My First Plant

    I've been growing flowers and veggies for years, but never tried marijuana. I found a seed and gave it a try. I think a female sativa. I'm in hot Florida so I appreciate the conditions may not be favorable and am hopeful no for any feedback. I topped it early in process and did some thing...
  5. G

    How much water do you reckon my plant ought to get? With pic

    Hi all, so here it is(don't know the sex, yet), it's 11 weeks into veg. It's been in this soil since day one. I've been feeding it a gallon of water every 6 days after the top soil dries out, and I don't think it comes close to giving me any runoff. Thanks for reading.
  6. M

    Possible phosphorous deficiency due to pH

    My wife and I are on day 20 of our first ever grow (4 autoflower plants, buds just starting). I am brand new to the forum, but I've read a lot of great advice on here already, just hoping to get some of my own :thumb: We noticed browning beginning on one of the plants leaves, middle of the...
  7. dawook4420

    Is this a deficiency?

    Hey everyone! I have 2 Northern Lights photo in FFHF, 10 gallon air pots. I just flipped to 12/12 five days ago, but a few days before I flipped I started noticing that some leaves were turning sickly. From what I can tell looking at charts online, I think it's a deficiency of some sort but...
  8. S

    Flushing Questions

    Hey boys, hope ya'll are having a great day! I have a couple questions regarding flushing. I've been giving my plants nutrients from pretty much the time they were vegging to today. One of my girls is pretty much ready for the chop, but I'm debating about giving it a couple good flushes...
  9. W

    1st Outdoor - Advice is Welcome

    hello all,this is my first post,hope you all welcome me as i am really in need of help a lil background: so,last year i had a trip to Denmark,and found some blue cheese seeds in one of the bags i bought while there,living in Greece,planted early March,it is open to north winds,has plenty of...
  10. J

    Canada: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Giving Back To Community

    In less than a year, a medical marijuana dispensary in Whitewood has donated $90,000 to the community. "Well that's what a compassionate club was originally designed to do," owner Jerry Martin told News Talk Radio's MainStreet, "to help the community with the profits from that business, not...