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  1. P

    Hello from Israel

    Hi to all my name is Paul, I am from Israel. A good friend has ovarian cancer stage 3c and I recently heard about RSO, and thus arrived at this amazing website. It is my intention to start preparing the cannabis oil for her. I would be glad to hear from anyone who has been cured by this...
  2. R

    Hello Dear members

    Hello Dear Members My name is Raj, I am new forum member here. Glad to join with 420 magazine forum
  3. W

    Hi Ya'll From South Texas!

    I just want to say high...and I am glad to be here!!

    Just saying Hi for the first time

    Well I've been here for awhile but just reading. I'm a medical cannabis patient and glad to have made the switch away from prescription pain meds. :volcano-smiley:
  5. H


    Glad to be a member.
  6. R

    New Member - New Grow

    I am a first time grower who will have a lot of questions lol. I am glad to find a place for answers.
  7. W

    Hello from CapeTown

    Hi all. New to all things weed, but glad I found this forum!
  8. D

    Potent smoke

    I switched to coco about the first of the year. I am really glad I did
  9. M

    Apart from the obvious what is your favourate thing about growing?

    I'm nearly done in my first grow and today I opened my tent put some music on for the old ladies (Ambrose and his orchestra) while having my morning medication and as I gazed upon them I thought to myself "I grew those, I sang to them and nurtured them and look at them now" :D. I have loved it...
  10. BCrisis420


    Super newbie here. Started doing research online and on youtube...then i started to write down things in a journal. I felt like I needed to find a community because I can't really talk to anyone else I know about what I got going on. I told my mom but she's not a huge fan of the idea, but I'm...