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    Howdeee from Dopey

    I go by Dopey Doo, I'm from the great northern state of Minnesota. 25 years young, long time recreational enthusiast of the herb. I'm a hobbyist glassblower turned independent professional.
  2. BongIn Stoner Customers Feedback & General Questions

    Hello, I start this thread to allow for better communication and sharing of experiences with buying at our online store and experience with our glass products. Our online store -, where you can find hand blown Pyrex glass pipes, water bongs, one hitters...
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    Sale - Hand Blown Glass on Glass Water Pipe

    Hello everyone! We have been sponsors for a few months now, but we have only posted a couple messages, so we decided to offer up one of our great items @ our lowest price ever and include a free grinder for all 420 members! We are offering up our NICE glass on glass design water pipes for $75...
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