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  1. Aqua Lab Tech

    420 Sales At Aqua Lab Technologies

    Make sure to mark your calendars for the Annual 420 Sale at Bongs, Bubblers, Dab Rigs and Water Pipes | AquaLabTechnologies.com The entire site and retail store will be 20% OFF for 20 Days Starting April 14th and Ending May 3rd.
  2. Aqua Lab Tech

    New Solar Hit Pipes

    Make sure to grab yourself and a friend a Solar Hit Pipe for your Outdoor Summer Adventures. Every Solar Hit comes packed with an Adventure!!!! Solar Hit Pipe Aqua Lab Tech
  3. Aqua Lab Tech

    New ZOB Glass Available Now

    We have a large selection of Bongs, Bubblers, Dab Rigs, Pipes, Sherlocks, One Hitters and plenty of waterpipes with all different styles of percs and downstems to choose from.
  4. D

    Howdeee from Dopey

    I go by Dopey Doo, I'm from the great northern state of Minnesota. 25 years young, long time recreational enthusiast of the herb. I'm a hobbyist glassblower turned independent professional.
  5. S

    Smokewire Cyber Monday Weeks 25% OFF

    Get 25% off (bongs,grinders,honeycomb,u-perc,hash bags and many more) during cyber Monday Weeks, discount available until 12/10/2014. If you aren't happy with discount check how to get a FREE glass piece: http://stonedstories.smokewire.com/cyber-monday-weeks-on-smokewire/ All discounted...
  6. BongIn Stoner

    Online Smoke Shop specialized on Water Bongs and Glass Pipes of own production.

    We continue the long tradition of glass processing in our region and produce glass pipes using time-proven procedures. Experienced glassblowers produce for You a unique, beautiful and valuable water bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, one-hitters and other glass smoking products in many varieties and...
  7. G

    Spring Time Love to You All!

    Springing forward, and looking forward to bring a little Cali love via Philly!
  8. BongIn Stoner

    Bongin Glass Bongs and Pipes

    I set up this thread for collecting some responses from our customers and fans. You can post there your opinions - product reviews, recommendations, questions etc. :51:
  9. Darby

    High From Oregon

    High, My name is Darby . Im a glassblower from oregon. I Have been blowing glass for 13 years . You can find my work at head shops across the united states and beyond . I enjoy My work . I hope you do to .
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